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Age of Online Betting in India

Betting on sports and games has become one of the most trending sports in the world and India is no exception. The only reason why India was not very receptive to online betting was due to the lack of legit platforms and online casinos. Indian audience has been betting on local games, political results, and dice for centuries. They only needed a little push towards the digital online betting sites and ComeOn did this job amazingly.

Online Betting in India

Indian region has 500 million active mobile users which makes it a potential market for online betting. National and international online betting sites in India introduced lucrative bonus codes and signup discounts. Betting on sports became the most attractive offer for the local players. The surpassingly higher discounts encouraged millions of players to know more about online betting in India.

The availability of online betting sites has increased over the years but Indian players are only interested in sites that are customized for the Indian market. International betting sites without any proper support for the Indian audience could not make any impact.

Online Betting Features that Indians Love

International betting services need to understand the Indian market in a better way. Without customizing the services as per the local culture, they are going to have much luck in India. Including sports like cricket, football and Kabaddi is going to attract more players because all of these games are familiar to the local players. Here are some features that every site needs to offer for a strong customer base in India:

Irresistible Signup Bonuses

Discounts and incentives have a strong impact on the human mind. ComeOn did an awesome job with this factor and they offered a ComeOn bonus code that makes online betting worth it. You will get a 100% bonus on your first deposit so you have thousands of rupees in bonus for online betting.

All other online betting sites need to opt for discounts that can attract new users. Sense of getting discounts can latterly help players to try your platform.

Responsive Mobile Betting Apps

No betting site can survive without having a responsive mobile app in India. There are 500 million active mobile users. Not having a responsive mobile app is going to yield a huge loss of potential players. Mobile apps make online betting more accessible and fun for users.

Customized Online Betting Games

Indian audience is deeply connected to its culture. Betting has been in the Indian culture for a long time and you just need to incorporate it with digital platforms. There are certain games that are quite popular in India including cricket and Kabaddi. So, you need to offer online sports betting for these games if you wish to stand out from the competitors.


In the upcoming years, a significant spike is expected the demand for online betting games in India. If you are interested in authentic online betting, make sure to choose the legit sites only. Sites that offer amazing signup bonuses for players are worth trying just like ComeOn.