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AGS2 and SiGMA17

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The SiGMA17 event, which is scheduled to take place at the MFCC Malta Fairs and Convention Centre in November 2017 has promised to be an amazing medium for recruitment agencies, related government bodies and regulators, digital games representatives, land based operators and remote gaming individuals to meet and share. This event is also ideal for consultancy, financial and legal firms, those who are in the B2B software and I.T provision industry, affiliates, skill game representatives and sports betting representatives. The list is basically endless, we can say the event is for general game enthusiasts, investors and startups to showcase their products and services in the industry.

Startups can easily download the SiGMA17 Startup Pitch application form online. The iGaming industry keeps growing every day, with more people beginning to appreciate the benefits that comes from the industry. Investors are more willing to put their money in the industry as the innovations in Information Technology is making the industry safer by the day. The SiGMA17 event will basically bring together the big players in the gaming community, this has to do with everyone from operators and affiliates, to vendors and regulators in the industry. It is also important to note that the SiGMA event organizers will be heading to Bucharest, Romania, for 2 day event specifically designed for affiliates i.e. the Affiliate Grand Slam.

The SiGMA17 event is an awesome opportunity for individuals to come out and meet new partners and investors in the iGaming industry. This can be seen as an amazing opportunity for networking and meeting new business partners. Since you are going to have all these people under one roof – the opportunity is enormous. People can meet a lot of new affiliates and operators willing to do business and exchange ideas.

It is worthy of mention that the SiGMA17 event is expected to welcome about 6,000 delegates. The event is basically expected to have about 100 speakers, which are said to feature six themed bars, two huge themed lounge areas and three themed restaurants. One of the amazing things to note about the SiGMA17 event is that 1,000 delegates will be flown in by the organizers of the event for free. Exciting new deals will be signed by 500 C-level executives and 500 affiliates with B2B exhibitors and iGaming operators in attendance.

One of the major goal of the SiGMA17 event is to look at industry trends, i.e. the trends in the iGaming world. This has to do with considering the major components of the industry - B2B, affiliates and operators. The event will showcase trends that can help existing business owners grow their companies and startups to pitch their products to a much larger audience.

The event is becoming more trusted by people around the world, which basically means more people are willing to attend, even after missing the 2015 and 2016 events. Business owners can also see this as a platform for recruiting new employees. You are more likely to find people who will be willing to join your company and help you grow your business.

You can simply watch the SiGMA16 highlights at , with a brief overview of the SiGMA event and how people in the iGaming industry can benefit from attending this spectacular event.