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Asian Handicap Betting and Top Betting Sites that Offer the Same

As a soccer bookie, you may be aware of the variety of odds on offer and types of bets you can try. Bookmakers also try to offer you platforms to bet in various kinds, including the Asian handicap. This type of spread betting in football is when teams are handicapped so that a stronger team can win by more goals for a punter betting on their win. Your handicap betting can be from one-fourth to several goals in the progression of a quarter. If the possible number of outcomes is from three to two, there is a chance of 50% of success. Bookmakers have mixed feelings about the Asian handicap as while it minimizes the risk, it offers low margins in comparison to 1x2 betting options. OLBG has done the hard work for us - check out their list of betting sites offering Asian handicap betting odds here.

Top Betting Sites Offering Asian Handicap Betting

1.      Bet365

This is a very popular bookmaker offering the Asian Handicap betting option. It offers this betting with fixed odds, which means you would lose money if you bet on anything but the winning result. This makes it highly exciting for the punters. Go for Asian Handicap 0:0, which is similar to the Draw No Bet. In this case, a win for the team you placed a zero will pay the odds. If the result is a draw, you get your bets back. However, if you lose, you get nothing. Asian Handicap 0.25, Asian handicap 0.5, 0.75, and 1 are the other types of scenarios that can happen here.

2.      10Bet

Here, you can look forward to picking from AH 0 to AH 1 with a progression of 0.25. This site offers a 3-way handicap where you can even get a draw. The bets vary with every line, and they change from time to time with the market. At 10Bet, you can go for this Asian Handicap betting even for betting on lines in live matches. However, here you can bet between AH 0.5, AH 0, and AH 0.25. Once you place the bets using this AH method, you cannot change it. Follow these rules and have fun.

3.      BetVictor

The site urges you to use the 0 Asian Handicap as well as 1 Asian Handicap betting. It offers great Asian Handicap betting odds to place the bets. The average rate of profit you can expect is approximately 92.5 at this site. You will be able to use the split ball, half ball, and whole ball handicaps. The site’s half ball handicaps come in denominations ranging from 0.5 to 2.5. You get to preview the past performances of the teams and then bet. The site allows you to decide on which team you should place the Zero Asian handicap and bet too. Use some calculation and understanding to proceed with the types of bets.

4.      888Sport

This is a bookmaker site where you choose from split handicaps at -1.0 on a no-draw handicap. If you win by 1, you make a draw and refund your bets. There are options to split your bets from -2.5 or 02. However, here you will also notice the rules of the Asian Handicap have been changed slightly. This means that you can eliminate the possibility of getting a draw. The full goal handicap where the handicapped team will always win is also a point to note. There is an Asian handicap of 0.5 and AH 0.25 for you to bet here and gain.

5.      NetBet

This bookmaker allows the players to go for shorter odds and smaller returns. The Asian Handicaps at this site can help you make bets on a wide range of football events and markets. You may also go for 0.5 on half-goal handicaps and have odds of 22/25. Most of the odds are shorter, and they fall within 4/5 and 11/10 range.

With such varieties of bookmakers on offer, make sure to compare the odds before signing up anywhere for betting. It will save your money and pave the way to a profit while betting on regular football or even on the live betting arena in these top sites.