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Best Online Casino Innovations

The online casino world has enjoyed many fantastic innovations over the years. As the demands and desires of players has changed over time, so has the technology available to those in the online casino industry. The question is, what are the best online casino innovations in recent years?

Arguably the key online casino innovation of the last decade is the introduction of mobile casinos. Initially, to access online casinos using a mobile phone or tablet you have to use the desktop website. To do that, you would have to load up the website in the normal manner using a web browser. The introduction of mobile optimized websites and applications, via the App Store and Google Play, means it is now possible to download and install online casino apps to a mobile device.

The online casino apps have been designed specifically for use on smaller, mobile screens. For example, you could choose one of the online casinos from this Online Casino USA list and they will offer either a mobile optimized website or a mobile app for download.

Moving on and one of the latest online casino innovations is the introduction of cryptocurrency payments. Cryptocurrencies include Bitcoins and Ethereum and without going into specific detail, the whole transaction is completed using Blockchain Technology. The main benefits include a low risk of fraud. This is because users are not required to give up any of their personal details when using cryptocurrency at online casinos.

For those of a certain age, slots machines mean standard fruit machines as often found in a local bar. However, things have changed a great deal both in land based casinos and online casinos. Slot machines not only feature fruit, the BAR and 7 symbols but thousands of different elements and icons. A good example is the online gaming development company Playtech who have made great strides by introducing movie and television themed slots. Justice League, Superman, The Dark Knight, The Matrix, Gladiator and Robocop are all films which have been given the virtual slot machine treatment by Playtech. When playing these games, you will find all of your favourite characters involved and the overall theme of the slot matches that of the film.

However, while all of the above are certainly some of the best online casino innovations perhaps the most important in recent times has been the development of live casinos.

Imagine you could play at a real casino from the comfort of your own home. Now you can thanks to the introduction of live online casinos. When playing at live casinos it is possible to see and interact with a real dealer. In fact, it is possible to join in with casino games that are taking place at a land based casino. So, not only will you see the dealer but also other players and the interior of the casino. For those who cannot travel to a land based casino, live online casinos come remarkably close to the real thing and remain one of the best online casino innovations.