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Biathlon World Championships 2019 Odds

The fun, anxiety, and excitement of the winter sport - Biathlon World Championship is here again!

While so many fans, spectators and athletes around the world have waited patiently to witness and participate in the thrills of the winter sport, Biathlon World Championship for the event year 2019 has finally been scheduled.

The biathlon World Championship 2019 like always is out to feature all 12 competitions for both men and women. Competitions making this list during the event include mass start, relay races, sprint, individual, pursuit and two mixed relay races.

It will interest you to know that the governing board of the Biathlon World Champion 2019 has decided to intensify the fun of the Olympics this year by adding the single mixed relay into the list of the competition of the Biathlon World Championship.

The Basic Concept of the Biathlon Competition

You possibly might be wondering what the Biathlon World Championship competition is all about. It is simple!

The Biathlon competition is a winter sport which involves athletes skiing through a cross country trail system where the total distance covered by each athlete is divided either into a four or two shooting rounds.

Depending on how many shooting rounds an athlete’s total distance is being divided into, half of these shooting rounds are taken in a standing posture while the other half is taken in a prone position.

Note that for every shooting round, a contestant is expected to hit a minimum of five targets. Where a biathlete fails to hit a target, a penalty is awarded for every target missed.

It’s a sure bet that the thrills of the event won’t stop you from being an overzealous fan that would wish to take the rifle from your favorite contestant for a more precise shooting after missing probably the first two rounds. It is never an easy task though, talking about aiming that diameter of 20 or 30mm spot accurately from a distance of 50 meters.

Scores/Progress Record

Throughout the competition, athlete’s progress throughout a race (split times) are recorded at various points along the skiing track and also at the end of every shooting round. The split time of the fastest athlete at every split point and the time difference from the closest contestant runners-up is usually displayed in large display screens which are set up at the Biathlon venue – where fans sit to watch the fun and anxiety of the competition as it intensifies along the tracks as the clock ticks.

What Determines Who Wins?

From the shooting record and performance of athletes at each shooting rounds, additional time or distance is added to an athlete’s total skiing distance and time. From these records of both the shooting rounds and skiing race, athletes having the shortest total time is undisputedly declared the winner.

Biathlon World Championship 2019 Host

Having won the host selection voting at the polls of September 2014, the Biathlon World Championship 2019 is scheduled to be hosted at Östersund, Sweden from 6 to 17 March 2019.

This Östersund will be glad to bring home again for the third time, having hosted the event in 1970 and in 2008.


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