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Biathlon World Championships 2020 Odds

From Wednesday, 12th to Sunday, 23rd February 2020, the starting gun for World Championships will go off. The world’s best biathletes will fight for the world title in the Südtirol Arena Alto Adige. There will be needed 1500 volunteers to organise this huge event!

The Anterselva Biathlon Center has been the venue for the World Championships in 1975, 1983, 1995 and 2007.

Program for Biathlon World Championships 2020

Wed | 12.02 Opening Ceremony

Thu | 13.02 Mixed-Relay - Medal Ceremony

Fri | 14.02 Sprint W - Medal Ceremony

Sat | 15.02 Sprint M - Medal Ceremony

Sun | 16.02 Pursuit W - Pursuit M - Medal Ceremony at Medal Plaza

Mon | 17.02 TRAINING

Tue | 18.02 Individual W - Medal Ceremony at Medal Plaza

Wed | 19.02 Individual M - Medal Ceremony at Medal Plaza

Thu | 20.02 Single-Mixed-Relay

Fri | 21.02 TRAINING

Sat | 22.02 Relay W - Relay M - Medal Ceremony at Medal Plaza

Sun | 23.02 Mass Start W - Mass Start M - Medal Ceremony at the Stadium

Luis Trenker, the Alpine Lifestyle Label from South Tyrol, has been an official partner of Biathlon Antholz since last year. In 2020 the cooperation will be crowned by a top-class sporting event - the Biathlon World Championship in Antholz.

The inconspicuous Anterselva di Sopra district lies deep in the Anterselva valley, a side valley to the Puster. Above the blue-green lake rise the striking, partly glaciated mountain peaks of the Rieserferner-Ahrn Nature Park. With an altitude of almost 1,600 metres, in winter this is an adventure area of endless snow cover offering you a wide range of winter sports in an Alpine setting.

The sport of biathlon took root in Anterselva some 50 years ago, at a time when it was little known. It was ultimately Paul Zingerle who recognised the potential of the place early on. The entire local population supported him enthusiastically and worked together to create a venue for international competitions in Anterselva. This laid the foundation for further biathlon sport projects.

Biathlon and Nordic competitions often pose particular challenges for the organizers when it comes to guaranteeing snow. In contrast to Alpine ski resorts, they are held closer to sea level, so the windows of opportunity for snow generation are even shorter. The snow often has to be distributed over many kilometers. In order to meet the requirements of predictability for planning and snow quality worthy of world champions, the organizing committee has now decided to rely on the snowmaking expertise of TechnoAlpin.

There are several TV channels that will broadcast this event, including NBC Sports in the USA, but it is very hard to actually get access to their live stream, so here we have a much easier way to watch the Biathlon WC online!

Odds on Biathlon World Championships 2020

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