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Bitcoin odds

If you ever heard about Bitcoin, you probably heard about it as the most valuable cryptocurrency that exists. With a $1000 value in January 2017, Bitcoin had a tremendous growth afterwards, jumping close to $2800 high in May. We all know Bitcoin will grow, but how much will it grow until the end of 2017?

Many investors predicted a $10,000 price in some years, others even thought that it will reach a $100k high on a long period of time. However, Bitcoin has almost tripled in value since the last year and that’s something that gained mainstream attention on Bitcoin. Right now, you can actually bet on the Bitcoin price at the end of 2017 on

How does it works? Well, it’s simple. You have 3 big options: You can bet that the Bitcoin will be $1000 or below with a 3 to 1 odds, which means that if you place $100 on this bet, you can win $400. Or, you can also predict that it will be between $2001 to $3000, which has the same odds, with a $100 bet – you can win a $400 by choosing this option.

However, Bitcoin is known for growing, not for keeping it’s value. Therefore, there’s the 3rd options which I personally prefer: the 5/1 odds to be above $3,001. This means that with a $100 bet you can easily win a $600. I actually think that Bitcoin has the power to grow more than $3,001 until the end of year. It’s only June and his value is above $2500, making the over $3,001 value extremely possible.

But don’t rush with everything you have, there’s nothing sure about betting – be sure you invest only the funds you can lose.

Paddy Power has odds at Bitcoin value on Jan 1st 2019, under Novelty Bets -> Current Affairs.