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Colombia World Cup

Colombia World Cup

Colombia World Cup 2018: Stage of Elimination

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Colombia Top Team Goalscorer

Odd unit: EU | UK | US

When speaking of national football teams from southern America, most often it refers to Argentina and Brazil. Certainly they are the two most successful football teams in that part of the world. But today the Colombian team can be said to be on par with them. Colombia is shrouded by players playing in major European clubs. It has to be said that many footballers from this country have arrived in Europe for the past seven or eight years, all have been perfectly adapted and, unlike the previous generations, have no problem to accept the tactic of tactics, of which the representation was of great benefit.

It is certain they have the best team in history at the moment. However, it will depend a lot on whether Falkao will play after exhausting season , but when your alternate is Jackson Rodriguez, it's clear what kind of power you have.

"Los Cafeteros" appeared only once on the Mondial before the 1990s and the golden generation of Valderame and Aspril, when they were not far away to go to Chile in 1962. They managed to play 4: 4 in the epic match, but lost the remaining two matches and returned home after the first round. The Golden Years in the last decade of the last century marked the placement in the top 16 in Italy in 1990 when they passed the group and after the Iguita Gafa missed the chance against Cameroon. Four years later, they fought in the group, deciding that they were defeated by the Americans, and everyone will remember that match after an unfortunate Andreas Eskobar who was later killed, believed to be the result. Otherwise, in the US, the Colombians arrived as the top team of South American qualifications in which, for example, they beat Argentina 5-0. Four years later, in France, they did not pass the group, and that large generation left the scene with a triumph at the South American championship at the beginning of this century. There was a feeling among the Columbians that they could do more, but that's now a story for analysis. Somehow the talent of the Colombians has never been enriched by tactical discipline, they were sometimes naive, but the team that now brings to Brazil is everything, just not tactically untrained.

These qualifications in the South America were uncertain and exciting to the very end. Colombia finished in 4th position. They played a draw with Peru in the last round and it was enough for participation in the big competition. However, it is certainly more than deserved participation primarily because of the games they played at the past World Cup, as well as the many passionate fans who follow the national team everywhere in the world.

The best ranking on the world championships of this team is the quarterfinals in Brazil. But this generation promises much more. Colombia, as never before, has top football stars.

Head coach Jose Pekerman was great on the bench of the Colombians, but the last few matches wandered in the system, but also the composition of the team, in the South American countries is little needed for criticism. Of course, he formed the team around " El Tigre", and James Rodriquez and if Falkao does not play, he may have to change the system again. Because, Zuniga, Zapata, Armero, the experienced Jepes have crossed Series A. There is also Perea who also has a lot of strong matches in his legs. The defense is much more disciplined, harder to receive goals than it was before. Quadrado became one of the most wanted European players, Rodriguez finished in Bayern Munich from Real Madrid, Guarín is in Shanghai Greenlan F.C., Quintero is playing in Independiente Medellín on loan from Porto.

And when you add Falkao, Martinez, Ramos who plays in Germany, Muriel from Udinese and great Bacca from Villareal in the attack, it's really an infinite option. They act powerfully, although we say Peckerman is too wandering and gets a lot of criticism. Their goalkeeper David Ospina plays for Arsenal. Also there are few new tallents like Davinson Sanchez who plays for Tottenham, Luis Manuel Orejuela from Ajax, Luis Muriel who plays for Sevilla and many more. Certainly we expect the most from Falcao and James Rodriguez.

They can not afford to play too offensive because of the slowness of the defenders, but they still have players who are of individual quality such as Quadrado ready to create a surplus in the finals. With such good shooters in, if we take into account opponents, the Colombians should not have a problem to place in the eighthfinals. After that everything is open. 


Colombia v Japan

Colombia 1.75

Draw 3.60

Japan 5.00


All odds quoted are correct at time of publication and are subject to change.