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Aquatics at the 2018 Commonwealth Games Odds

As we approach ever-closer to the beginning of the 2018 Commonwealth Games, fans are getting excited. With such a fine collection of wonderful sporting quality on show, this is going to be a truly wonderful experience. The 2018 edition of the Commonwealth Games shall be held on the Gold Coast where we fully expect a mesmeric event to come to life. One of the main attractions this year, though, is going to be he fine diversity of aquatic events.

With many of these events held at the Optus Aquatic Centre, this is going to be very exciting. The finest swimmers in the Commonwealth will all come up against each other in an honourable battle to see who’s the ruler of the seas. From backstroke and butterfly events to freestyle and breaststroke, we’ll see all manner of swimming styles come to life here!

Part of the enjoyment and charm of these aquatic events, though, is the amazing quality of teamwork on display. These kind of events need the teams to work together in perfect tandem if they are to achieve success. From the relay events to the medley, there’s a fine collection of events to look forward to for swimming fans.

The Commonwealth Games 2018: What’s Going Down Under?

The venue to be used is based down at the Southport Broadwater Parklands, and will host the majority of the Commonwealth Games’ aquatic evens this year it’s going to be an epic match-up this year, with some of the hottest swimmers in the Commonwealth reaching peak years ahead of the games. With so many fine swimmers to pay attention to, calling a winner at this moment would certainly be a challenge!

As it stands, events in the swimming category are planned from April 5th-10th. These events ill usually take place from the early mornings – around 10:30AM until about 10:30PM, depending on who is taking part and the events on that particular day.

For swimming fans, though, there is plenty of engagement and excitement to pay attention to. The sheer amount of work that has gone into preparing the games is something special, and now we’ll get to reward ourselves with a glamorous 5-day set of sporting wonderment.

Many of the top nations in the Commonwealth can call upon immense experience for the aquatics sports to come. From veterans and newcomers alike, there’s going to be a fine diversity across the teams as we move ever-closer to the Commonwealth Games kicking into action.

At the moment, most people have their eyes – and money – on Team England coming into this holding the World, Olympic, European and Commonwealth titles in single evens, they are among the most impressive international swimmers around. For this reason, they might just come into this one knowing that they have the opportunity to win this tie.

Out of all the Commonwealth nations going into the aquatics events, it’s safe to say that Team England are probably the most confident – so, who are you backing?

There is no odds at aquatics at the 2018 Commonwealth Games yet.

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