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Hockey at the 2018 Commonwealth Games Odds

The GC2018 Hockey matches schedule has been announced. The Commonwealth boasts some of the world’s best Hockey teams, so the action at GC2018 is surely to be intense. 10 teams will fight for their Respect, Honor and Passion. There may be ferocity teams of 15 players will face off with an unwavering consciousness on one purpose – to score. With commanding and calamitous use of their sticks the players will dribble, pass try to break the defenses of their oppositions showing the art of agility stamina and speed to put the ball back into the net. So who will win this? Who will lift the trophy? No one can say anything about this. But predictions are always there in every tournament .If we look at ranking then everyone will definitely say that the winner team is from top 5 or 6. Like Australia, Argentina, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands etc. But some teams performed very well in their previous games. Somehow this is unpredictable that who will win this. But if we look at the last year performances of the qualified teams then we will predict that who will be going to win this mega-event.

There are a lot of chances that Australia will win this .Because they performed very well in last year and they are very consistent in their game. They are at the top position in ranking. Argentina which is at 2nd position in the ranking will also try to make a big impact. But from the last few 5 to 6 months their is no consistency in their game. They played some games very good but their overall performances was not up to mark. Even though they are the 2nd best team in world so they can turn the face of game at any time.

Now if we look at the teams which are not in top 5 ranking but have a lot of chances to win. Spain is also in the red hot form in the presence of their experienced players and coaching staff they can create a huge impact.

Then India will also a very strong competitive in this tournament. Their performances in last few tournaments were excellent. Before this tournament India will play series against the top team’s New Zealand, Belgium and Japan. This will brings a of positive energy in their team.

New Zealand, Belgium, Japan and Netherlands all are very strong competitors. They played very well in last year. They have a strong combination especially Belgium. Pakistan team is not too strong but their unpredictable nature can stunned any opponent on their day. Besides this there will be a final before final in GC2018. Its Pakistan versus India. The India-Pakistan rivalry is one of the most intense sports rivalries in the world. Players in both teams face intense pressure to win

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