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Lawn bowls at the 2018 Commonwealth Games Odds

Lawn bowls has been apart of the commonwealth games since 1930 and has been a core sport since. It may not be a fast paced, energetic game like some other sports but lawn bowls is all about precision, judgement and strategy as players strive to exert their dominance on the green.To the eye, these athletes exude calmness and composure, but on the inside they are determined to win gold.

Lawn Bowles is a sport in which the objective is to roll balls so that they stop as close as possible to a smaller ball called a jack. The game is made more intricate by the bias that is in the balls, making them favour 1 sided. It is played outside on a bowling green which is designed to be flat and have very short grass. The winner is the first to score 21 points. To score a point you must get your 4 bowls closer to the jack than your opponents. You get a point for every bowl that is closer than all of your opponents bowls. A team will play to a certain number of ends (rounds) instead of points. Bowls can be played in teams of 2,3 or 4.

Heading into the commonwealth games this year, there are a few favourites to win gold.

Shane Mcllroy

Mcllory is continuing to prove why he is the singles bowler to beat leading into this year. He won the gold at the 2016 world outdoor bowls championship, beating Canada’s Ryan Bester in the final, who we will come onto later. He began playing at age 2 and some how was called up to the New Zealand U18s at age 14. Heading into the Gold Cost, Mcllroy should be the clear favourite for the men's singles title.

Ryan Bester

Mcllroy’s close friend and competitor, Bester was bested by Mcllroy at the world championships 2 years ago so will be looking for revenge. Bester has already appeared at 2 commonwealth games, getting a bronze in 2006 and a silver in 2014, both I the mens singles. Bester made his international debut at only 20 years old, winning pairs gold in 2004. He will be hoping to add a commonwealth gold to his collection.

Darren Burnett

The reigning champion heads to the gold cost in hopes of defending his title he won 4 years ago when he defeated Bester. Burnett is the most experienced out of the trio, winning 5 bowls gold medals across indoor and outdoor competition. The scotsman heads to the Gold Coats in hope of making it 6 golds in what has been an illustrious career.

Women’s Title chasers

Jo Edwards

Edwards is the reigning champion and plans on retaining the title she won in 2014. Edwards narrowly lost out on world gold 2 years ago after loosing in the semi final and hopes to add another commonwealth gold to her collection.

Karren Murphy

However, despite Edwards being reigning champion, Karren Murphy goes into the tournament with a lot of momentum. Murphy beat Scot Lesley Doig to win world gold in 2016 and after not competing in the singles in 2014, feels she has something to prove. Murphy goes into the games as favourite, in hope of beating Kiwi Edwards to claim gold which she came just 2 points away from in 2002.

Lesley Doig

Doig is definitely the dark horse to win gold this years. At the young age of 26 she has no commonwealth games experience so it will be a totally new experience for her. However the youngster has shown a lot of potential in the short time she has played internationally. Doig narrowly lost to Karen Murphy 2 years ago in the outdoor championship . However she has played very well recently, earning her a gold in mixed doubles in the indoor championships earlier this year. Don’t be surprised if Doig is the one holding the gold at the end of this.

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