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Netball in Commonwealth Games 2018 Odds

The Netball Commonwealth Games are Heading into the finals

The Commonwealth games brought us more actions as the England secured a stunning win over New Zealand to reach the Commonwealth Games semi-finals. This year, we have witnessed The impressing victory of 54-45 represents an historic achievement as it is the first time England has beaten New Zealand at the Commonwealth game and eliminated their chances for a medal.
This loss put the New Zealand team into a very complicated situation. Combined with the loss in the preliminary stage against the solid Malawi team, the Kiwis are facing the prospect of not being part of the semifinals this year.

The resurgent England team will probably face Jamaica and Australia in the semi-finals. However, based on the form and the standings, the Roses should be able to avoid the reigning Champions Australia in the semis. To be more specific, with England being at the top of the group and a potential Australia win against Jamaica, the Roses will avoid the hosts.

Another interesting game Malawi continued their surprising run at the Commonwealth Games achieving a one-goal win over Scotland that went down to the buzzer. A victory in this game was imperative for Malawi as it kept their chances for a medal in the Commonwealth Games. This Malawi team has pulled off an upset against a more fancied opponent on two occasions, by defeating New Zealand and Scotland.

Also many experts are pointing at the fourth-ranked Jamaica, who arrived at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games 2018 after winning against the New Zealand's Silver Ferns twice at the Taini Jamison Trophy series in less than a month ago.
The semi-final should provide a great excitement as the resurgent England and the surprise of the tournament Malawi have a good chance of reaching the final. Moreover, this will be the first time in at the Commonwealth Games in which New Zealand will not take part in the final or the semifinals. The Silver Ferns of New Zealand faced the Australian Diamonds in all five previous Commonwealth finals. However, based on the current form and the player roster, the expectation is England will face the hosts in the final. Yet, Australia are big favourites to win the tournament again.

On a final note, we can conclude that there's definitely been a drastic of power which can have a galvanizing effect on the international netball.

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