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Table tennis at Commonwealth Games 2018 Odds

A fast and furious sport, Table Tennis requires technical wizardry like no other. Having the skill to control a featherweight 2.7g ball with a springy rubber-coated racket is one thing. Having the proficiency to land it on your opponent’s side of a 2.74m long table whilst clearing a 15.25cm high net is another. Now imagine doing it at high velocity – the ball coming at you like a bullet and spin affecting its ultimate trajectory. It’s like threading a needle while on a roller-coaster. There is no doubt Table Tennis is a sport of skill, speed, agility, focus and precision.


Nigerian player Quadri Aruna heads into the tournament as the highest ranked player competing, currently ranked at 22nd . He does however have only team table tennis commonwealth experience which could prove costly as games get closer and the opposition rises. Still Aruna has shown the raw talent over the recent years to win, he just needs to calm any nerves and got out their and play. Aruna hopes to bring a gold to home country or Nigeria.

Singapore native Feng Tianwei has been incredibly dominant over the women’s table tennis scene, winning 39 medals in major world competitions, including 5 commonwealth golds. She’s not showing any signs of slowing up heading into her 11th year of her international career. She very recently won the Incheon world tour singles gold and is the clear favourite to defend her singles crown. Don’t be surprised to see her a couple more times in this article.


The deadly pairing of Gao Ning and Pang Xue Jui head into the tournament with momentum after winning the gold at the south east asian games last year. The pair have played a lot of doubles leading up to the tournament and so enter the gold coast very prepared for the challenges they may face. However I believe the challenge wont be good enough and the 2 will come out victorious.

Sadly a bit of repetition here as the pair of defending gold medallist Feng Tianwei and Gao Ning is a powerful one. Ning is an excellent doubles pair who head ti the gold coast as defending champions. There doesn’t seem to be much else anyone can do to stop these two winning another doubles medal. Tianwie hasn’t focused on doubles as much as her singles however I don’t think that’ll stop the pair from winning it all.

English pair of Paul Drinkhall and Joanna Drnkhall worked so well as a table tennis pair, that the two married in 2013. The happy couple won gold in the mixed doubles the year after. He recently alos helped Britain to bronze in the mens team event. The pair will attempt to use some of that marital chemistry to bring back another gold from the gold coast.


The team travelling to the gold coast with the most momentum is the Hosts favourite people, the English. They’re currently ranked 12th in the world, highest among commonwealth games competitors. The English team has Paul Drinkhall, Sam Walker and Liam Pitchford, all of whom are currently top 50 ranked singles players right now. I think the consistence ability across the English team will help them to beat out strong teams like Singapore and Nigeria who rely on star power.

However the correlation between men’s and women’s success in sport does not translate to table tennis, as Singapore goes into the games as the women;s team favourite. Currently ranked 8th, the team boasts stars Feng Tianwei and Lin Ye who are both proven winners. This team should be able to fight off competition from Britain and Australia to come out victorious, down under.

There are no odds at table tennis at Commonwealth Games 2018 yet.

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