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Triathlon in Commonwealth Games 2018 Odds

As the name indicates Tri means “three” and Athlon indicates “contest” , “competition” includes three sport without the gap of a single second i.e. Cycling, Swimming and last but not the least Running, three of the toughest sports combined to form a deadly trio of event for the athletes to compete. Sport also known only for Super Humans is a true test of endurance and physical condition of every muscle of the athlete demands years of training and individual skills to perform at the highest stage. The minimum distance of each sport may vary accordingly but the basic lengths of each sport follows international Olympic guidelines and those are a swim of 1.5 KM, Cycling of minimum 40 KM and Running of minimum of 10 KM.

Commonwealth games (Biggest sports event after Olympics) will be going too held between 4th to 15 April 2018 in Gold Coast Queensland Australia. All eyes of the entire sports community will surely be on Triathlon event on 5th of April as some of the greatest athletes around the world would compete. This event will feature some of the best triathlon countries in the world including England, Australia, South Africa, Canada and New Zealand.

Stage is all set for the individuals like the defending champion Alaister brownlie alongside with his brother Jonny Brownlie two time world champion and commonwealth gold and silver medalist. With these two in, the England side will surely be the favorites to win this year commonwealth title.

The host side Australia also looks much stronger this year with the support of their home crowd they look forward to capture the opportunity to win the title against the very strong England side. The current Australian squad will feature the mix of youth and experience professionals including Jake Birtwhistle, Ashleigh Gentle and Charlotte McShane. Britwhistle recently said in one of his interview that “I’m really looking forward to the Games – in fact I can’t wait,” With the support of his nation he surely will give the tough challenge to the remarkable Brownliee brothers and may have shock the world.

New Zealand side with the veteran competitor Andrea Hewitt also looks good who won the Bronze in 2006 Commonwealth games. 2107 was the incredible year for the 35 year old Hewitt who won the ITU world Triathlon in Abu Dhabi and IT worlds Triathlon Gold Coast. The athletes from South Africa, Canada and Scotland also in contention to dominate the triathlon rally. 

The Triathlon event will be held on a beautiful landscape of Southport Broad water Parklands. During the event this incredible and breathtaking venue will turn into a battleground for the most amazing athletes around the world The Broadwater stretches far beyond the horizon, bordered by blue sky, a spectacular skyline and green parklands. For the very first time in history first medal event of women’s triathlon will be held in this year’s commonwealth game.

Hope it’s going to be an amazing event and we will wish good luck for all the participants of triathlon.

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