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Wrestling in Commonwealth Games 2018 Odds

The 2018 Commonwealth Games are going to happen between 4th of April to 15th of April in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. It is going to be the fifth time that Commonwealth games are being hosted by Australia. This event is one of the most watched events in the world. It is an international multi-sport event for the entering countries. The games include wrestling, baseball, basketball, badminton, swimming, athletics, road cycling, boxing, squash, table tennis, weightlifting and shooting etc.


Wrestling is an all-time favorite sport in European and Asian countries. Wrestling is approximately all time part of the Commonwealth games in the history. The rules of the game, the powerful mind, strength, planning, reading mindset of the opponent and the mat etc. make this game awesome. Wrestling matches will be played between 12-14 April. There are more than 60 countries making their way to wrestling this year's Commonwealth Games.

Both men and women are participating in wrestling categories.

Wrestling as Strategic Game

If you are a European and a Wrestler as well then you don't need to worry about you and your family anymore. Wrestling is a national game in Europe. You will be considered as a celebrity if you are a wrestler like some other celebrities, actors, singers and musicians. The government pays the dues of all the study for their children.

Some of the mesmerizing facts about Wrestling are given below.

  • The Mat used for the wrestling is about 12m by 12m. There are different portions of the Mat. The yellow part is the part of the mat where the competitors start after the whistle. After the yellow, there is a zone. When referee says zone, the person defending the attack by the attacker loses the point as wrestlers are not allowed to cross the zone.
  • The rues for the points are different as well. Wrestler picks the victory by pin fall if he holds his opponent's shoulders plane on the mat and match ends right there. A winner is also announced on points. The referee counts all the points attained by each wrestler and announces the winner at the end.
  • This game is not about being strong. The perfect plan makes a wrestler winner in this game. Successful wrestlers keep their calm till the end and wait for their turn in the match except making some foolish strikes in the air.
  • Wrestlers train themselves like a pro. Their training is hard and expensive. The diet and sleep time is suggested by the trainer. It can take a year to make your moves correct. If you came up with some strategy, you can't lose the match.

So, this is what going to happen in this year's commonwealth games. Don't miss!

There are no odds at wrestling in Commonwealth Games 2018 yet.


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