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Crypto Casino and Other Top Digital Gaming Trends Perfect for Gen Zs

Generation Zs or Gen Zs are people born after 1996, a varied group that may become the most educated and most technologically-oriented generation to date. They are digital enthusiasts that connect largely through social media and text messages and spend significantly more time online than prior generations. Gen Zs are probably more tech-savvy and hence have higher demands for digital gaming and the likes. Hence, in this article, we'll look at the crypto casino and other top digital gaming trends perfect for Gen Zs.

Since its commercial inception in the 1950s, the gaming business has grown to become one of the most profitable segments of the entertainment industry. It has been completely transformed in the last few years. In the United States, 53% of households own a gaming console, with 30% planning to buy one in the next 12 months. Internet services have grown more widely available, while computer processors have advanced dramatically, allowing for faster playing, more demanding games.

To appeal to Generation Zs, many game makers are working on creating new games based on local traditions, culture, and mythology. This is because Gen Zs are looking for a sense of belonging. They want to interact with like-minded people worldwide, and they've realized that gaming is a terrific method to do it. Additionally, the most well-known gamers profit from live streams on YouTube and Twitch.

Crypto Casino For Gen Zs

Cryptocurrency's popularity is evident. As a result of this trend, crypto casinos are now a household trend among Gen Zs. In many ways, it's easy to see why crypto casinos have become popular. Let's look at it this way; when you play crypto casino games, you get several benefits that you wouldn't get with a traditional fiat currency 8r traf. In this post, we'll go over some why crypto casinos have become so popular.

Crypto casinos are gradually becoming the new industry standard. New crypto casinos open up now and again, allowing customers to wager using cryptocurrency. It's no surprise that crypto casinos are getting more popular every day, given their affiliation with high-end software suppliers like NetEnt, NextGen, and others. Gen Zs are embracing it in their droves.

It won't be long before Gen Zs completely take over crypto casinos, as players worldwide are beginning to use crypto casinos over traditional online casinos. It's so serious that several online casinos have begun to accept cryptocurrency deposits and wager to avoid being left behind.

Other Top Digital Gaming Trends For Gen Zs

Competitive gaming, also known as esports, is one of Gen Zs top digital gaming trends. Fighting games, real-time strategy games, first-person shooters, and multiplayer battles are among the most popular titles (e.g., League of Legends, Call of Duty, FIFA, and Fortnite, to mention a few).

Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto are currently the most popular video games among Gen Zs. Both of these games were towards the top of the rankings in 2019, demonstrating that, while new games may garner a lot of attention and generate headlines, there is a loyalty to older games that should not be overlooked. Fortnite was again included in the 2019 rating, and it has proven to be far more than a fad, reaching number four this year.

However, there are a few new favorites on the list. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) was launched in 2016, and its popularity has grown over the years since, with the game currently topping Steam's best-selling list for 2020. Among Us also cracked the top ten list of Gen Zs favorite video games, thanks to a boom in popularity. The multiplayer game was released in 2018, but it went viral in 2020, with 18.4 million mobile downloads in August, up from 2.4 million in July. Young female respondents were more likely than young male respondents to name Among Us as a favorite, while men were more likely to name PUBG.

Of course, when we compare the reactions of Gen Z males and females, the overall hierarchy appears quite different. Mario and The Sims are significantly more popular among girls than among guys, whereas Grand Theft Auto, FIFA, and NBA 2K are far more popular among males. While Call of Duty is also popular among ladies, it came in second on their list, with Super Mario Bros. taking first place.