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BLAST Pro Series 2019 odds

BLAST Pro Series - Winner Copenhagen 2019

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BLAST Pro Series: Copenhagen 2019

The sixth and final stop (before the global final) of the main event of the eSports the BLAST Pro Series will be on the stage where it all started: Denmark, specifically in the city of Copenhagen at the already known Royal Arena. The event will take place on November 1 and 2 with the participation of six of the best Counter-Strike teams: Global Offensive in the world, where the well-known prize pool of $ 250,000 and the BLAST Pro Series trophy, against 12,000 fans excited in live matchs.

The organizing committee of the event has already announced the first four invited teams, which are: "NaVi", "NiP", "Team Liquid" and the local team "Astralis". Later the two remaining teams will be announced to complete the six available spaces. The "Astralis" locals have never won the edition held in their own home, and as expected when facing the number one team in the world "Team Liquid" and the current champion and legends of Copenhagen electronic sports "NaVi", It will be a complicated but very exciting task to try to take the honors of being the number one podium.

The event will be played in the same way as the past editions, the teams will face all against all in Bo1 format, where, the teams that occupy the first two positions will play the grand final of the tournament, playing most of the prizes. Two teams of the eliminated will also be selected to participate in the BLAST Pro Standoffs, where each player of each team will face 1 vs 1, playing a game in which the player who wins 7 rounds takes the game. The winning team of this game will receive a bonus of $ 20,000.

Although the favorites to take this edition are the hosts of "Astralis", the Americans of "Team Liquid" and its iron and devastating roster will do everything in their power to snatch this dream and demonstrate why they are and will remain the TOP 1 team according to the ranking.


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