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ECS Finals Season 6 odds

Who wins CS:GO - ECS Finals Season 6?

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ECS Finals Season 6

FACEIT confirmed that the eSports Championship Series 6 Finals will be held at Arlington, Texas, the USA with eight teams’ attendance from November 22nd to 25th. The CS: GO competition will host its final in Texas, and the organizers of the event announced the ECS Season 6 Finals feature a $660,000 prize pool and the champions from the online season for both European and North American Teams. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a Multiplayer FPS video game by Valve Corporation. In the tournament, you will see two groups battling against each other in the competition. Each group contains four teams such as Group A (Astralis, Mousesports, Mibr, Cloud9) and Group B (NRG Esports, Team Liquid, North, Ninjas in Pyjamas). 

The season pits the best North American and European teams against each other in the tournament for the massive prize pool and the championship title. The Season begins with two leagues divided by region with a prize pool of $45,000 US and best teams win a chance to partake in the final stage for a huge prize pool, 660,000. The group stage is played in the Two Double-elimination format groups, starting and winner’s matches will be played as Bo1 (Best of One), and the Decider and the Elimination matches will be played as Bo3 (Best of Three). After that, top winning teams from each group will face each other in the Semifinal Playoffs where all matches will be set in Best of Three (Bo3) format.

The first day’s matches determine by groups, drafted by the highest-ranked teams around each ECS division. GSL system will be used in the tournament, which means no team will progress or eliminate without playing at least one Best of Three (Bo3) series. The tournament’s finals have also been extended to a four-day broadcast, with the last two days played in front of their fans at the eSport Stadium, Arlington. The winner of the first round matches will advance to the upper bracket finals. Then, the winning team from top bracket will moves to the playoff semifinals on Day 3.

The confirmed teams are North, Astralis, Mousesports, Ninjas in Pyjamas, NRG Esports, Cloud9, MIRB, and Liquid. Citing Visa issues, Renegades withdraw from the tournament on November 15th. The team is replaced by Cloud9.


Group Stage

  • Two Double Elimination Format
  • All Matches are Best of Three (Bo3)

Top two winning teams from each side advance to the Playoffs


  • Single-elimination bracket
  • All matches take place in Best of Three (Bo3) format

ECS Season 6 Finals feature a $660,000 prize pool spread among teams. The event will reward the first team with $250,000 and the title of the championship. The team with the 2nd position will successfully claim $120,000, and third and fourth positioned teams will receive $65,000 respectively. There is also prize money for those teams who achieve 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th positions in the tournament.   


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