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SuperNova Malta 2018 odds

Who wins CS:GO - SuperNova Malta 2018?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US
Team Liquid1.801.80
Nrg Esports4.004.00

SuperNova Malta 2018 (CS: GO)

CS: GO is one of the most exciting eSports of the world and in this article you will discover about the growing competitive scene of the game. Those who love competitive scene of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive say that it might just be the brilliant eSport. There are no special abilities, health packs, hero choices, or minions to kill. The match consists of two teams competing against each other using the precision coordination and expert aim to either plant or disarm the bomb or wipe out the opposing team. Victory in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is rewarded to those players and teams who exemplify a unique mastery of some of the brilliant gaming mechanics in eSports.

Quickfire has announced that it will organize an invitational event known as SuperNova CS: GO Malta, with eight competitive teams in attendance and a $150K prize pool. Between the 29th November and 2nd of December, Malta will organize its first CS: GO competition. Quickfire will be hosting this event for eSports fans across the world at the Intercontinental Arena Conference Centre. At the end of the tournament, one out of eight tier-one teams will be rewarded with the crown of the Champion and awarded $150K.

This event is the first for the country, as well as Quickfire, and it will be co-produced with StarLadder, and the competition will be sponsored by Malta Tourism Authority, AirMalta, Intercontinental Malta, Gaming Melta, and Holiday Inn Express. De Cesare, CEO of the Eden Leisure Group, the parent company of Quickfire, stated that he hopes the island will become the best destination in the world eSports circuit. The four-day event will kick-off with a double elimination group stage, which is followed by the single-elimination.

All the participating teams for this events have been confirmed such as, who recently included Piotr morels Taterka their line-up, and Big, one of the quarter-finalists at the FACEIT Major, Tyloo, Hellraisers, Gambit, NRG, Liquid, and Kinguin. More information about the rest of the teams will be released on the Quickfire website as well as on its Facebook page closer to the competition.

There are eight teams:


BIG is a German eSports organization controlled by Legija, operating since 2017. The rest of the team includes smooya, tiziaN, nex, and tabseN.


Virtus.PRO is a Russian eSports Organization led by Kuben. The team has been operating since 2013 and serving as an in-game leader. The rest of the team features Michu, Morelz, pasha Biceps, and Snathcie.


The Chinese eSports organization that has been operating since 2007. The rest of the team include BnTeT, CaptainMo, DD, Somebody, and Xccurate


The European eSports organization and the members of the team include ANGE1, bondik, DeadFox, ISSA, and Woxic.


The Russian eSports organization controlled by B1ad3. The members of the team include Adren, Mou, Hobbit, Dosia, and Mir.


The American eSports organization coached by Imapet. The team is made up of nahTe, Brehze, Fugly, and CeRq.


Zews coach LIQUID and the team is made up of Twiztzz, Elige, Naf, and Taco.


The main aim of the team is to promote eSports to acting like people from across the world. The team is coached by Loord and made up of Minise, Mouz, Raetz, and Rallen.


Group Stage:

  1. Two Double-elimination format Groups
  2. Each Group will have four teams
  3. All Matches are Bo3
  4. The top two teams from each group move to the Playoffs


  1. Single-elimination bracket
  2. All matches are Bo3


Quickfire official link


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