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Downhill World Championships 2019 Odds

Who wins downhill for men at Alpine World Ski Championships 2019?

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Downhill is considered to be the king of all events, due to tremendous speed and danger surrounding it. The event itself causes adrenalin levels to rise to skiers and to spectators as well. Incredible speed are being developed at this event, in some cases easily surpassing 130km/h, while the record was set by Italian Johan Clarey in 2013, when he was skiing with the speed of 161km/h.

One of the favorites for the upcoming World championship in Sweden is the Italian skier Peter Fill, who won the downhill overall event two times in his career, most recently in 2017. Fill is mostly recognizable for his “eye form” approach, which brought him a lot of success during his long 17-year long career. He is a veteran of the game, but he won only three races in downhill and 13 podiums. At the last World Championship, Fill finished ninth and he will surely aim for the medal at the next year’s championship, since he lacks on in his favorite discipline.

Beat Feuz of Switzerland is hotly tipped to win the downhill race, as he is known as an expert for these speedy events. Last World Championship, Feuz won the golden medal and is widely expected to defend the title. At the Winter Olympics in 2018, he won the bronze medal, missing out on just 18 part of a second to the eventual winner, Aksel Lund Svindal.

Svindal is always considered to be a top favorite for downhill event and at this World Championship that is also the case. He won the downhill event twice in his career, he is considered a true veteran of this sport and is one of the most successful skiers in recent history. He showed his class at the Winter Olympics, where he won the golden medal in a very tight race. His great form was confirmed later in the season once again, winning two World cup downhill events. In total, he has fourteen wins and additional 17 podiums. During the 2018 season, he finished second in the downhill event, right behind Beat Feuz.

Kjetil Jansrud might be looking for a place on the podium, after a very good previous season. Although Super G is considered to be his main event, he also can provide great results for downhill events. He won two Olympic medals in his career, both in downhill events, meaning he cannot be left unconsidered here. In downhill he has a record of eight wins and 18 podiums, which is a very respectable result in the end.

French skier Dominik Paris is also worth mentioning, as he finished fourth in the overall downhill event, but the fact of matter is that this event will be decided between four of the abovementioned athletes.


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