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EPL Odds - 2019/2020 English Premier League Betting Odds

EPL Betting Odds for the 2019/2020 Season

The EPL betting odds for the 2020 season has been largely interesting. The fact that the league had to suspend its play created a lot of uncertainty around the league. In fact, many were questioning if the league will be able to complete this season at all.

Find out more about the EPL odds this season, especially now that there are talks of resuming play. Also, you will get more information on how to predict the odds for the coming season.

Overview of EPL Competition in 2020

The March 9 match between Leicester City and Aston Villa (that ended in a 4-0 victory for the former) marked the final match of the English Premier League 2020. After that match, the league had to suspend its play as a precautionary measure due to the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. Since then, fans had been itching to watch their favorite league resume play but it was filled with a lot of uncertainty.

Prior to the suspension of the league’s games, Liverpool was on a potential for a record season run. They were leading the league by 25 points and they needed to win a couple matches in order to clinch their first title since three decades ago. The FA Cup was already in the quarterfinal stage when the suspension was imposed.

Just recently, it was revealed that the league will finally resume its play on June 17. All 20 clubs were present at a May 28 meeting wherein the date of the play resumption was agreed on. As of now, it is confirmed that two matches will be held that day. The first one will be between Aston Villa and Sheffield United. The next match will be between Manchester City and Arsenal. The league has yet to issue details about the rest of the scheduled matches for June 19 to 21.

The league officials have scheduled the 92 remaining matches to be played for the season. This will take place within a 6-week period and will be played at approved stadiums only.

Favourites for the 2019/2020 Season

Even though the current season of the English Premier League might seem like it has come to a screeching halt, new details about the resumption of play has given new life to bettors. The EPL betting odds are favored towards Liverpool, which is a club that is on the cusp of its first title that will end a 30-year drought for the franchise.

Jürgen Kloop, the team manager for Liverpool, is boasting a massive lead in what appears to be a historic season run. Indeed, Liverpool looks untouchable at the top of the team standings. It is only a matter of time until they are crowned the champions of the English Premier League.

Favourites for the 2020/2021 Season

Who will win the English Premier League 2020/2021 season? This is a question that is on everyone’s mind – especially after the abrupt suspension of the current season’s games due to the threat of coronavirus. While Liverpool is the hands-down favorite for fans (and betting odds), it is a daunting task to predict the winners of the upcoming season.

With Liverpool on the cusp of making a historic return to the title, they are also the favorites to do it again next season. While some sports experts would say that defending a title is more challenging than winning it the first time, the next in line seems to be too far of a gap to be considered even a close competition.

Manchester City, a club that has enjoyed success at the English Premier League for many seasons, has suffered a massive blow this season. But for a winning club, you can expect for them to want to bounce back in the 2020/21 season. Hence, betting odds experts are not counting them out yet.

EPL Relegation Battle

While the race for the EPL title for the 2019-2020 season might already be settled with Liverpool ahead 7 wins from its closest competitor, things are different on the other end of the spectrum. With at least 9 games left to play for the rest of the season, the bottom teams have much to play for if they want to avoid relegation.

Only four points separate two of the bottom teams from each other: Aston Villa and Brighton. However, other teams like Watford, Bournemouth, and West Ham are not out of danger yet. Each win for these teams are crucial in order to play another season in EPL. Of these teams, Brighton has the biggest challenge ahead of them as they are scheduled to face Liverpool, Manchester United, and Manchester City. They have a good chance to win their games against Newcastle and Arsenal, though, which is a must!

Just like Brighton, Aston Villa has a tough challenge ahead as they have to win (or score a draw) in 3 of the 4 remaining games on schedule. West Ham has the easiest run out of the bottom teams as they are potential wins.

EPL Odds Comparisons

Currently, EPL odds are looking at the top four clubs that are expected to reign supreme at the resumption of the current season. Liverpool is a clear shoe-in for that list. The club is joined by Manchester City, Chelsea, and Leicester City on the top four.

Liverpool, however, has been removed from betting. This puts Manchester as the unrivalled favorites with a 1/200 betting odd. They are followed by Leicester City with 1/7 odds and then Chelsea rounding up the four with 8/13 odds. Manchester United rallies at the fifth spot (after removing Liverpool) with 7/4 odds.

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