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Eurovision semi final 2 Going to the final

Semifinal 2: Which countries are going to the final in Eurovision Song Contest 2018?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US

A total of 37 countries will fight for the golden ticket to the Grand Final in one of the two semi-finals on 8 and 10 May. Thus 18 countries will compete in one semi-final and 19 countries in the other, whist the Big 5 ( Spain, United Kingdom, Italy, France and Germany) and the host country Portugal are pre-qualified and have an automatic ticket to the Grand Final on 12 May.

Biggest concern over all the draw is for Australia. There are not enough years of voting patterns to be able to comfortably make a prediction here. Australia struggled in the televote last year and was kept afloat by the juries. A first half draw is also concerning unless the already nominated Jessica Mauboy has an outstanding show opener in her back pocket – but in amongst Norway, Denmark, Serbia and Russia, Australia could get lost in the mix.

Along with San Marino and Georgia, the Mediterranean island looks to be on shaky ground in terms of votes but it has a small advantage of Italy voting as part of Semi Final 2. Unfortunately the votes that are going to be drawn up by the big hitters above leaves Malta very little space to sneak in and grab enough to get over the line. San Marino would have wanted to be in the same Semi Final as Austria because of the partnership with Global Rockstar in Vienna and Georgia stands alone for the Caucus region.

Looking over the countries in Semi Final 2, there’s a glut of reliable qualifiers in the shape of Russia, Sweden, Ukraine, Romania and Poland. Below them are countries who arguably ‘sneak’ into Saturday night with an especially strong strong or performance. Out of the gate a number of countries look isolated without any major diaspora to kick start their campaigns, but the biggest worry must be Latvia with its Baltic brothers all over in Semi Final 1.

Montenegro managed a small win from the running order draw as it was drawn in the bottom half of the second Semi Final, and also being in the same voting mix as Serbia & Slovenia. Neither of these are big wins, but for Montenegro any slight advantage needs to be capitalised on to try and get the Saturday night ticket. In a perfect world Albania would have been in the same Semi Final, but you can’t have everything!

On the subject of Russia, this should be their biggest test since 2011 when Alexey Vorobyov qualified in 9th, just 10-points clear of an embarrassing early flight home. That year they received 12-points from Armenia and a flood of low points from former Soviet allies and other nations. This year they will need to rely on Russian diaspora in surrounding nations. It’s difficult to know how this year’s broadcaster is playing things.

Moldova are gaining some traction for qualification now, despite being wooden and suffering dodgy diction. Nevertheless, it’s the sort of fun guilty pleasure song that could galvanise the televote and earn them qualification in this easier semi-final. It’s certainly more fun than Serbia, San Marino, Denmark and Russia which all perform before DoReDos.