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Eurovision: You Decide Odds

Who wins Eurovision: You Decide 2019?

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There is a slight Change in Uk’s Selection Show of the “Eurovision: You decide”

Going by BBC’s latest announcement about the UK’s selection show, the “Eurovision: You decide” for the Eurovision Song Contest 2019. Reminds you of last year’s show, where we had slight changes which I’m you all are curious about, even though it may not hit the right spot for Brits.

The show will be returning for the fourth year consecutively. Slated to take place in the North West for the first time at the media city in the heart of Salford. Did I tell you that Mel Giedroyc and Måns Zelmerlow will be returning as hosts of the show? Well, no you know! Though, there is going to be a real twist in the format. 

So, what are the changes I’m talking about? Rather than the regular six shortlisted performing a unique song each, it will be more about having this year’s shortlisted sextet split into pairs. With the pairings performing the same song but in a different style. Basically, the three songs and the performers will be announced later on in the year. Meanwhile, the first round will involve the songs will be paired up with two of the six acts.

Also, there will be two rounds, the first round will determine which of the two acts will sing the songs, the final round is meant to determine the United Kingdom representative.

According to Mel Balac, the Creative Director, Entertainment at BBC Studios and the Executive Producer of Eurovision was quoted to have said “This year the three songs presented to the United Kingdom have been selected with the help of an international jury. Our exciting 'euro-version' format will give fans the chance to compare and contrast these fantastic songs in a fresh, new way and deliver the United Kingdom the artist it deserves to fly the flag out in Tel Aviv in May.”

Meanwhile, Kate Philips who is the Controller of Entertainment Commissioning at the BBC was quoted to have said “Next year it’s all about the song-off as we once again try to marry a great singer with a great song, one which could finally get us on the left-hand side of the leader board. We may be leaving the EU but we are still determined to win Eurovision again one day! The Interview was published on BBC’s website”.

It is safe to say that Ken Bruce will be part of the action right there in Salford; He will have a chit chat with the six shortlisted acts on his BBC Radio 2 show on the day of the selection, which would be in the morning.

More on the changes, Andrew Cartmell will be the new head of the delegation of the UK, his previous credits as a producer includes Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two, Let It Shine and All Together Now.

For those who don’t know when the show will be on, the selection show will be aired in February 2019 (just prepare for any date in that month). We Hope they will do better this time around after Storm was placed 24th (after earning 48 points) in last year’s edition.