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Evolution of Gaming

Evolution of Gaming: How Tracksino's Crazy Time Combines Live Casino Action with Real-Time Stats

In the history of gaming, we’ve never seen a game that combines a live casino experience with player stats so well. The core idea is to take a tried and tested money wheel concept and modernize it by implementing elements of live narrative, real-time results, and fun minigames designed to multiply your winnings.

Today, we will take an in-depth look into how Tracksino utilizes a live tracker to enrich the famous Crazy Time game and what makes it so popular and unique. Let’s begin!

A brief intro to Crazy Time

Tracksino’s Crazy Time is a proven concept with a modernized twist. Not only do you get to enjoy a live host’s commentary who responds to questions the viewers send in through a live stream, but you also get a glimpse into how many winners there were in each round. Moreover, the stream tracker displays relevant in-game statistics such as the
RTP (return to player) percentage of the session and the latest spin results and multipliers.

The Crazy Time wheel

The Crazy Time wheel resembles a typical Wheel of Fortune with a couple of notable differences. It’s divided into different colored sections:

- Blue is 1x

- Yellow is 2x

- Pink is 5x

- Purple is 10x

The tricky part is guessing which one the wheel will end up pointing to when it stops spinning. If your bet is successful, lucrative prizes await! The unique part of the game are the special tiles that trigger a bonus round, and this is what makes Crazy Time truly special. Based on crazy time stats provided by Evolution Gaming, this tends to happen roughly once per six spins.

Crazy Time is Wheel of Fortune 2.0.



Fun and interactive minigames unlock multipliers

If the wheel stops in the right position (which is every 6th tile), a special minigame will commence as part of which the participants get to multiply their winnings. These multipliers can reach astronomical heights up to 25.000x!

In the following section, we will cover all the bonus minigames you can unlock while playing:

1. Crazy Time

When triggering the Crazy Time event, the screen will showcase a giant cartoonized wheel featuring different flappers. Your choice will reveal the multiplier that applies to this bonus round. Once the wheel stops spinning, the players will see how much they won.

2. Cash Hunt

Trigger this bonus minigame and the game host will walk to a giant grid containing 108 prizes. Every symbol conceals a multiplier, and each player plays an active role in the outcome by guiding the scope to the symbol they want to target. In other words, the experience is unique and custom-tailored to you!

3. Pachinko

When triggering the event, the game host will climb on top of a massive purple screen that mimics Pachinko, a traditional Japanese game. Then, the players get to watch the ball the host drops at the top as it makes its way to the bottom where lucrative multipliers await.

4. Coin Flip

As part of this minigame, the game host flips a coin, the results of which determine which of the two predetermined multipliers will take effect. The result determines the total prize you win.


Tracksino’s Crazy Time is a unique contribution to the casino industry and a one-of-a-kind game that incorporates results and statistics in real-time. With each game host’s unique personality, every round brings something fresh to the table.