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Federal Basketball League Odds

Who wins Federal Basketball League 2017/2018?

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German Basketball Bundesliga season 2018 preview

German basketball league, commonly known as Basketball Bundesliga is one of the developing leagues regarding quality and player production, but if we look the standards and the organization of the whole structure, it is without a doubt one of the best-composed competitions in Europe.

Several of their clubs played in FIBA competitions, and other were participating ULEB contests. It seems that the German club association will side in future with ULEB, as we see that several of their clubs have applied for Euro Cup and there is a possibility that they receive one special invitation for Euro League.

Besides Brose Basket, that would be the second German team in the elite European competition.

Regarding the league, the most dominant force in Germany is above mentioned Brose. They won 7 of the last eight championships, and this year's was the third in a row. During the playoffs, they only lost one game, and that was the opening game of the first round, later sweeping all other opponents, being very dominant in the finals. Also, they won the German Cup, proving that they are a real powerhouse in German premises.

Their opponents in the finals were the guys from Oldenburg who lost the final series 3-0 with combined margin of 62 points. Like in the previous years, they will be the main favorites for winning the  BBL in 2018.

The club who briefly snapped the domination of Brose was Bayern Munich. The football club decided that it is time for them to build a respectable basketball team and they invested a lot of money. But for now, they can't measure with Brose. We can say that this club is still in the process of creating the team and the structure. They lost in the semi-finals against the champions with 3-0, but they have shown a real resistance. Bayern Munich is the favorite for receiving the special invitation of Euroleague for the upcoming season, along with one club from France. For now, they have applied for Euro Cup, along with Ulm and Alba.

Oldenburg reached the finals after an exciting semi-finals series against the first-placed team during the regular part of the season, Ulm, in which we saw 5 games.  That came as a surprise, and we don't think that it will repeat in the next season. Ulm, on the other hand, has a good team and can be a problem for other clubs.

The one team who is a bit out of the picture is Alba Berlin. In the last several years they are struggling, and they also had huge problems wth injuries during this season. They will be in Euro Cup this season, and Albatros could build a respectable team who might at least reach the semi-finals.

German basketball league has its ruler, but all other teams are very similar, and it is one of the most exciting in Europe, exactly because of this reason.

Their playoffs were very interesting, all except games where Brose participated, and the 5th placed team eliminated the leader in the regular part as we saw.

This guarantees that the upcoming season will be even more attractive, and when we add that Bayern Munich intends to invest more money in order to dethrone Brose, BBL has to be followed.