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Football Betting Terms You Need to Know

Are you thinking about making your first football bet? There is no doubt that betting brings a lot more excitement to a match and it can make the result very interesting. But, before you rush in and make a bet, you need to know all of the terminology. You are going to run into a lot of words along the way and you want to understand what they all mean. This is going to ensure you are in the loop and understand everything about football betting. So, let’s take a look at some popular football betting terminology.

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Both Teams to Score

Just as the name of the bet suggests, this one is all about both teams scoring in the match. So, unlike a lot of other bets, you are not betting on who is going to be the winner. Simply, you are going to win if both teams get on the scoresheet and score before the end of 90 minutes.

Clean Sheet

When it comes to football, a clean sheet is a good thing. This is when a team does not concede a goal in a match. It means that a defence has done well and managed to keep threats away. This is a boost for the defence and goalkeeper for the next match. Indeed, this is something you can bet on and you can choose a team that you think is going to have a clean sheet in their game.

Half Time/ Full Time Betting

If you take part in half time/ full time betting, which can also be referred to as HT/FT betting, this is making a bet on what you think the score will be at half time, as well as the result at full time. Often, you have to be correct with both of these predictions in order to win at most of the sports betting platforms.

No Goal No Bet

In this type of bet, you are deciding the football team that is going to score the first or last goal. This can be an interesting one but it can also be difficult if you are not familiar with the teams. It is important to note that if a result is 0-0, you will get your stake back.

Own Goal

No team wants to score an own goal. This is when a player on the team kicks the ball into the back of their own net and scores for the opponent. But, this is something that does happen a lot in matches. This means that it is something you can bet on and it can make things interesting.

Team to Go Through

If you are planning on betting on a competition such as the Euros 2020 or the Champions League, you will come across Team to Go Through betting. This is when you are betting on football teams to progress to the next stage. This is a change from betting on an individual match and what that result is going to be.