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Football Matches Results

The intense football season has already gained momentum, which means that now fans have plenty to choose from and enjoy the competition of the strongest teams. It is now even easier to find the results of their matches thanks to the site of sports statistics.

The Premier League is considered to be the most popular league of the planet, because it is very difficult to predict its winner in a long tournament distance. Last year, Manchester City became the champion quite confidently, but this time the Citizens have quite a serious competition with Chelsea and Liverpool. This means that the squad of Josep Guardiola is forced to do its best in every single match.

Now, it has become much easier to follow football scores thanks to the site of sports statistics. It concerns not only teams of elite divisions. Thus, here you will always find information about modest clubs, for example, Bromley FC.

Unfortunately, this season the team has already been kicked out of the FA Cup and will not please its fans with participation in this tournament.

Favorites of Champion Title Race

Despite the serious competition in the domestic championship, it is Manchester City that remains the main contender for winning the championship title. There are a number of factors for this:

  1. The strongest lineup in the league. The Citizens have several players for each positions on the field. This allows Josep Guardiola to make quick rotations and use his strongest players at the moment.

  2. Tactical flexibility and attacking style. The City now plays keep-ball well, and the team attacks in the majority of the matches, thereby demonstrating its excellent performance.

  3. The vulnerability of the main competitors. Chelsea have begun to fall behind Guardiolas squad gradually, while Liverpool also does not look like a team that can withstand a tight and rich calendar and complete the whole season without any loss. This looks even less realistic, given the fact that the Reds have already had several draws in a row.

Thus, the City has a good chance of winning the title once again, but there is still a big part of the tournament distance ahead. In the English Premier League, you can expect surprises from almost any team, which means that now we are looking forward to continuation of the busy season, and you can follow it on the website of sports statistics.