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Gambling In the Middle East: How Does It Differ From Gambling Elsewhere

Gambling across the globe has been a strong topic of conversation as trying times and an ongoing pandemic has led more people than ever to switch to online casinos due to the closure of traditional casinos across the globe. But how is this changing the industry? In this article, we will be providing you with insight into how gambling in the middle east can differ to the rest of the world.

Gambling In Egypt

Known to many within the industry as the gambling capital of the Middle East, the history of gambling in this part of the world dates back to as far as 3,000 B.C. There are several old paintings sculptures depicting Egyptians gambling and playing traditional games similar to Poker. Despite this rich history of gambling, however, there are several unusual rules surrounding gambling in the country, including that locals are not able to participate in gambling of any kind. The currency used within these casinos are U.S dollars and there is a total of 10 poker rooms here open to tourists. In order to gain access to these, you have to show yourself.

Changes In Gambling Regulation Since 1998

Over time, there have been huge changes to gambling in the Middle East that have revolutionised the way that not only locals, but tourists as well interact and gamble within these areas. Several locations in the Middle East such as Turkey used to allow opportunities to gamble to those that visited the country. However, in 1998, a huge shutdown of all the places where gambling was allowed completely wiped out the gambling industry within this part of the world.

Gambling In The Modern Era

Gambling in the modern era, however, has also taken the Middle East by storm. With several online poker rooms beginning to crop up in the Middle East, gambling laws in several parts of the middle east are becoming more and more complex to interpret. However, it is still highly illegal to make a bet on any form of sport or live event. Due to it being a highly religious part of the world, this will remain the same at all stages. These rules and restrictions do of course depend on the part of the middle east that you are in. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you are aware of the rules and regulations in the area you are visiting to make sure you are not breaking any rules or regulations.

Eilat Port Town Casino Destination

Despite it being a port destination, this is said to be one of the next hotspots for gambling in the Middle East at this time. As the ultimate tourist location, this is by far one of the best locations for gambling to grow in this part of the world. With locals still not able to gamble, there is a real focus on providing the tourists that visit the perfect overall experience. With extravagance at the heart of the tourist experience, this seaside town is by far one of the best locations for the tourists at this time. However, with regulations constantly changing, there is a huge amount of growth for this industry both online and in traditional casinos in the Middle East at this unusual time.

Gambling In The Modern Era

Despite the world becoming more and more digital in recent years, there have been many parts of the world that have been hesitant to adapt to the changing times. With some of the states in America as well as other countries around the globe still yet to implement any form of change to online gambling legislation, there is still a lot left to change. However, with gambling in the Middle East slowly beginning to change, the Covid-19 pandemic has slowly begun to force this way of change across the globe. With people having to spend more time at home, this could be the future of the industry at this time.

With this in mind, there are several ways that this industry is beginning to change to become more accommodating to not only tourists but locals as the rules begin to be relaxed at this time.