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Gambling Laws Around the World: Top 5 Destinations for Gamblers

Gamblers from around the world are flocking to casinos as a fun and exciting pastime. Casino operators are innovating the industry, making games more accessible than ever before. The destinations where gambling is becoming more popular than ever before are:

1. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is one of the world’s top destinations for gambling. In fact, the country’s gambling is almost legendary – there are even massive bingo halls. And on top of the opportunity to play bingo, you’ll find dozens of UK casino sites with:

  • Slots
  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Poker
  • So much more

Live games are popular, so you’ll find many of the top casino operators offering live rooms for players, including all of your favorites from Blackjack to roulette. Reports suggest that sports betting is dominated by football.

In fact, 48.4% of all sports betting in the country is football followed by horse racing which accounts for 28% of betting.

The casino industry in the UK was held back by a lack of updated laws and regulations until the passing of the Gambling Act 2005. The Act allows for resort casinos to be built which have become a major tourist attraction.

Cities went through bidding wars to bring casinos into their area, and it really led to a gambling and casino boom in the country.

2. United States

The United States is, or was, behind in the online casino world with laws changing from one state to the next. But when it comes to in-person gambling, Las Vegas is one of the most popular casino destinations in the world.

Immortalized in blockbuster films, such as Casino, Vegas has over 70 casinos that stretch across four miles of the city.

Extravagant and elegant, these major casinos are almost always in the resort style with hotels, restaurants and more inside. Due to the popularity of the area, there are other major attractions and shows.

Celebrity singers have their own residency in Las Vegas and ballrooms are lavish and filled with décor that is reminiscent of a palace.

3. Monaco

Monaco is home to the iconic Monte Carlo casino which opened way back in 1863. The casino is one of the world’s most iconic for entertainment and gambling. Princess Caroline is responsible for Monte Carlo.

She thought that a casino would help save the royal family from bankruptcy, and almost 160 years later, the casino is still in operation.

When you go to Monte Carlo, there is a strict dress code which means you have to wear a suit for the night. The gaming floor is filled with millionaires and billionaires that are looking for a classy, high-end way to gamble.

In total, there are four main casinos in Monaco and all of them are operated by the Société des Bains de Mer.

For gamblers that want to step back in time, there’s little that compares to Monte Carlo in the world.

4. Singapore

Singapore is an interesting country to have on any top gambling destinations in the world because the country lacks the large-scale casino numbers that other countries have. But it does have something that no other does: Marina Bay Sands Resort.

The casino is one of the most expensive in the world and boasts the world’s largest infinity pool.

Luxurious rooms with more than enough gambling options and city views await. It's a casino that high-end rollers visit often because of the pure luxury available. But it also boasts the largest atrium casino, too.

Walk into the casino and be met with over 2,300 slot machines and four floors of gaming options available. Singapore's gambling industry is highly regulated which has led to a sparse online gambling industry which is a shame for the country considering that they offer the largest casino in the world.

5. Australia

Australia is filled with casinos, and Aussies absolutely love to gamble. Estimates suggest that up to 80% of adults in the country engage in some form of gambling. In fact, the country has the highest rate of gambling in the world.

Pokies are very popular with 4% of adults playing per week.

The government alone brings in $6.2 billion in revenue per year from gambling, and the industry continues to grow with younger adults flocking to casinos, too.

You have over 20 full-scale casinos spread across eight states, and hundreds of small pokie machine venues. If you want to go to the biggest casino in Australia, Crown casino is the place to go.

Crown is situated in Melbourne and is actually the largest casino in the southern hemisphere. You'll also find a lot of online casinos in Australia, including Joe Fortune which is the biggest and most popular place to gamble online.

If you want to play live tables, Ignition and others are available.

Gambling Laws from Around the World

Laws for gambling change from one country to another. Players don’t need to know the laws of every country, but they should know how old they need to be to play legally in their country of choice.

A few of the minimum ages to play around the world are:

  • 18 years old: Australia, Europe (except where listed otherwise), Monte Carlo, South Korea and the United Kingdom
  • 20 years old: Japan
  • 21 years old: Belgium, Ireland, Germany, Macau, Singapore and United States (exceptions for certain states)
  • 23 years old: Greece
  • 25 years old: Portugal

Restrictions in Portugal are for natives only, so if you reside outside of the country, the legal age to play is 18. It’s important to spend the time to learn the gambling laws in the country that you’re playing.

If you’re playing in the United States, it’s important to note that states often have their own laws in place. You may be able to play in one state online and not in another.

Gambling is a fun pastime, but it’s important that you find moderation.

Online casinos offer a variety of games, often hundreds, that you can win money on or lose money. Play responsibly and be sure to search out welcome or no deposit bonuses that allow you to get a few “freebies” from the casinos.