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Game Tours in Shangri La - VIP Holidays in Four Countries

Summer vacation is quite monotonous, but you can not only rely on classic tours. Fortunately, there is still such a rest direction as junket tours. These are tours in the casino, allowing you to play at your pleasure, enjoy excursions, walks around the city, as well as delicious food and drinks. If you choose Junket in Shangri La of Michael Boettcher’s Storm International, you can get acquainted with four beautiful capitals: Minsk, Yerevan, Tbilisi and Riga. Dare!

Minsk is Europe’s mystery, very few people come here to rest, because there is no sea in Belarus. But Belarus is a very friendly country with wonderful natural beauty. And Minsk is an ideal model of Soviet town planning with monumental buildings, wide avenues and sidewalks, and also amazing cleanliness around. Shangri La in Minsk will allow you to get acquainted with the mysterious country, located on one of the best hotels in the capital. Accommodation is already included in the price of chips, as well as playing in a casino, flights, transfers, food and drinks. By the way, German chef Mark Ulrich has been working in Shangri La Minsk for many years, his specialties are highly appreciated even by gourmets.

Shangri La in Yerevan is an exclusive holiday in the picturesque suburb of the Armenian capital. In the capital itself casino organizations are banned. But Shangri La is the nearest gambling complex, which can be reached from the center of Yerevan in 10 minutes. The guests are admired by the halls decoration, the pleasant lighting, the variety of games, the entertainment program and of course, the dishes from local chef Maxim Grigoryan. Traditionally, the excursion program is included in the chip price, and in Yerevan, rich in historical sights, there is something to see. Foreign guests often say that this is the best casino in Yerevan.

Shangri La Tbilisi is located in the heart of Georgian capital. The original building is located next to the no less original Bridge of Peace - the most controversial modern landmark, causing many discussions. The casino has a restaurant with views on the Bridge of Peace and Kura River, so meals in the junket tour turns into exquisite pleasure. Chef Avtandil Alikhanashvili’s dishes will color the rest with bright colors. And since Tbilisi is the oldest and most beautiful city in the Caucasus, you definitely won't be bored.

The Shangri La unit in Riga is called SL Casino; it is the very embodiment with luxury and elegance, located in the 5-star Grand Hotel Kempinski. The ideal solution for those travelers who want to completely abandon the household troubles, and spend their time playing favorite games, enjoying the beautiful Riga and excellent Kempinski cuisine.

Planning junket in any of the Shangri La units, said Darren Keane, Storm International managing director, you can use a personal manager help. He helps to choose the best days for the visit, provides visa support, orders plane tickets or train tickets, provides a transfer, makes reservations for rooms, makes an excursion program and helps with the implementation of additional services. All this is included in the cost of chips to visit the casino, as well as excellent food and drinks.

During the junket tour, the casino guests become participants in all events and draws, which makes the entertainment program even richer and the chances of winning even higher. On weekends, jackpots for regular players are held in all Shangri La. Usually they are accompanied by entertainment and music performances. It is especially interesting to go on a game tour during seasonal promotions and lotteries. On such days, phenomenal prizes are played for casino guests: cars, snowmobiles, motorcycles and large sums of money. Junket tours buyers automatically get a chance to become these prizes owner.

Already dreaming of a gaming tour? Four capitals with Shangri La are waiting for you!