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German Ice Hockey League Odds

German Ice Hockey League Odds

Who wins the German Ice Hockey League 2018?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US
Ehc München1.531.53
Eisbären Berlin2.452.45

German Ice Hockey League (The Deutsche Eishockey Liga) 2017/2018

The Deutsche Eishockey Liga, or the DEL was founded in 1994 and is the most elite level hockey association in Germany and currently has the highest number of Canadian and American players actively playing hockey outside of their native continent. The DEL is not under the of the bracket of the German Ice Hockey Federation. With an average attendance of more than 6,500 fans, the DEL is one of the most supported leagues in Europe, standing alongside the Swiss National League A.

The league is composed of 14 teams and each roster is allowed to have up to 10 import players outside of the European Economic Community.

2016/2017 Interesting Facts (source:

The league’s youngest player is Niklas Postel at 18 years of age

The league’s oldest player is Deron Quint  at 41 years of age

The league’s shortest player is Jonas Müller at 168 cm

The league’s tallest player: Oliver Mebus at 206 cm