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Greyhound Betting: How to Spot a Winner

There’s no 100% guaranteed method of finding a winner in greyhound racing. For newcomers, in fact, trying to spot one may appear to be somewhat daunting. A beginner may see six greyhounds as one and the same. However, there are numerous factors to consider before handing over your money.

There are five key aspects in greyhound betting, in fact, on which to base your selection: value for money, trap draw, early speed, class, and current form.


When a young greyhound enters the world of racing, it undertakes a number of time-based trials. This acts as an evaluation of his racing ability and which course he will likely take when he starts racing. The grade is assigned by the racing manager who estimates the class at any one time.

Information on a greyhound’s class, along with a range of other factors, are detailed on any credible bookmaking site. You can find a list of betting sites on The site also features additional, helpful tips on how to choose the right bookie for you. It looks at such aspects as which races should be covered and customer support.

Trap draw

This is one of the most helpful tells when it comes to choosing your runner in greyhound betting. If you have two dogs that you feel confident in, bet only if one is drawn for a smooth run. For example, if one of your favoured dogs has shown good form from trap five but is drawn trap three with fast starts on either side, it could mean trouble.

Early speed

With a fast-starter, you need to decide whether you think he can clear the other runners by the first bend. You may instead think it more realistic that he gets bumped or crowded. New punters in greyhound betting will gradually learn where certain greyhounds tend to race out wide, in the middle, or near the rails.


If you feel that a runner is in a better class than the other dogs in the race, research his recent form. Find out whether he has had some bad luck in recent races? Has he been coming off the pace or does he have a tendency to lead? Has he been recording fast enough times to give him a chance of a lower grade win?

Value for money

After spending some time studying the race and selecting a greyhound you believe has a decent chance of winning, it’s time to place your bet. Experience will help with this, but you’ll need to have a price in mind that you feel you should be getting. You’ve selected your runner and you have an opinion on whether he has just a fighter’s chance or whether he is a genuine contender. Determine the price you think is fair and don’t accept anything less.

There aren’t any strict rules when it comes to price, whether it’s a East Anglian Cup or English Greyhound Derby. Bookmakers may not miss a lot but they aren’t perfect. You may find that a greyhound you would bet on at 2-1 is priced at 7-2. In this example, you have some very definite value and should take advantage. Good luck with finding your price and in your new career as a greyhound punter.

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