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How betting has become a huge part of global sport

You might think betting is just a fun little activity that can be done whilst watching a game. You might think that betting sites work in a completely separate world to these elite sports teams. In fact, without betting websites, so many different sports around the world would look very different indeed. Here’s a look at how betting has become a huge part of global sport.


We all know sports teams cost millions and millions of pounds to run every year. Long gone are the days when the cost of paying the wages could be covered by the money received on the gate from fans buying their tickets to see the event. Instead, team owners have had to find new and inventive ways to be able to afford those ever-increasing player wages.

Now pretty much every game is broadcast around the world to a massive global audience, sponsorship has become a hugely valuable way for teams to make money. Out of all the things that can be sponsored, no space is more sought after than the advertising space in the middle of every players shirt. More and more gambling sites are now paying to have their brand on those shirts. For example, SBOBET appear on the shirts of many teams, including Leeds United and West Ham United in the Premier League. This sponsorship has made the brand massively popular around the UK, Europe and even places like Indonesia have set up Daftar Sbobet sites so residents can play some of the wide range of games on offer.

Outside the stadium

You might think the sponsorship is contained to the on-pitch action, but it’s highly likely you’ll see the logos of some of the biggest betting brands before you even enter the stadium. Whether it’s handing out free merchandise in the hope it’ll appear on the TV screens during a game, or organising eye-catching publicity stunts, many of these brands love to cause a scene outside. As anything filmed and posted on social media has a good chance of going viral these days, not only will these stunts be seen by the fans at the game but also those following the game on the internet.

Going to the races

For years, bookmakers have been a hugely important part of any race meeting. Whatever course you go to, you’re sure to find a huge line-up of bookmakers ready to take your bets in specially designed areas. The bookmakers are such a hugely important part of the sport that the odds are regularly shown on screen throughout the television coverage, and many of the bookmakers are even used as on-air pundits for the pre-race coverage.

Many of the races are now sponsored by some of the big brands, meaning their brand is often on the winning trophy of the race. Even though you rarely see close enough to spot them during the race, just like any sport the jockey’s uniform are also covered in sponsorship logos from betting brands.