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How CBD Can Make Game Night More Fun

Nothing better than relaxing on a Friday night by playing and betting well into the night. It’s a good way to decompress after a long week, but playing — be it online or at a casino — can be quite taxing. Especially if you enjoy doing it for long periods of time.

There are, of course, different tools you can use to make the long hours more comfortable. Alcohol makes it easier to relax, but can also slow down the mind and make you more prone to taking unnecessary risks. Caffeine makes you sharp, but it also raises your blood pressure and accentuates feelings of anxiety. That’s not to say that either substance is useless, but just like any tool, they aren’t right for every situation.

Another tool long-time players may like to try is CBD. This hemp extract has calming properties and offers various other health benefits, which can make playing for long hours a lot more comfortable. Here’s how CBD can make your next game night more fun.

1 - Relax and stay sharp

Relaxing is great, but losing isn’t. Alcohol is beloved for its properties as a mood suppressant, but it’s intoxicating nature forces players to enjoy their drinks in moderation. Drink too much and you may wake up the next day with an empty wallet and a head full of regrets — going through that can ruin your entire weekend.

Luckily, there are safer ways for players to wind down. CBD is also a mood suppressant, but unlikely alcohol, CBD has no intoxicating properties. The worst CBD can do is make you sleepy if you use too much of it, which can cut a game night short, but at least you’ll go to bed rather than go all-in on a losing bet.

2 - Get rid of nagging pains

Back and neck pain are the two most common types of chronic pain in the world. And nagging pains and aches throughout your body can make your typical game night much less enjoyable. Winning will make you forget all about the pain, of course, but wouldn’t it be better to get rid of it entirely?

CBD has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, which combined can work to make all sorts of pain go away. You can use it before you start playing, or after the night’s activities start to make you sore.

3 - Enjoy coffee with no stress

CBD and caffeine make for an interesting combination. When used together, the combination lets you enjoy the focus boosting benefits of caffeine, all without having to deal with the rise in stress hormones often caused by caffeinated drinks. It’s the best of both worlds, and it may even give you an edge as you try deciding where to place your bets.

Getting your hands on CBD coffee is quite simple. All you have to do is add a few drops of Cibdol’s CBD oil to a regular cup of coffee. Or you can buy infused ground coffee, which already comes with the CBD added in.