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How do Betting Offers Compare With iGaming Promotions?

The betting and iGaming industries are closely related, and there are many strong similarities between them. Both sectors are fiercely competitive, and the markets are completely saturated with different companies all offering a similar thing. For this reason, operators in betting and iGaming have had to look to the use of offers and promotions as a way to tempt customers to use them over their rivals. For bettors who may be interested in experiencing some iGaming offerings, you will find that the sites have a lot in common with where you normally place your bets.

"Bingo!" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by elizaIO

Caption: Bingo balls in a dispenser.

Betting Industry Uses Promotions for Customer Loyalty

Aside from using offers and promotions as way to draw players in, betting companies also use this marketing technique as a way of fostering customer loyalty. This is done by providing regular offers which change on a daily or weekly basis. The idea is to give players a reason to keep coming back and to reward them for it. This can also be done in the form of loyalty or VIP schemes.

A typical VIP scheme at a betting site would award the player points whenever they place a bet. Over time they are able to accumulate these points and travel up a tiered reward tree, unlocking better prizes on each level. This can come in the form of free bets or enhanced odds on certain markets. With schemes like this in place, betting sites are able to increase the chances that bettors will come back and continue staking at the site. Indeed, according to research from Smallbizgenius, 75 percent of customers say they favour companies that offer rewards.

The iGaming industry has taken this on board as well, and most operators have reward programs in place as a way to retain customers. 65 percent of a company’s business comes from existing customers, so it is highly important for them to make the recurring bonuses just as attractive as the welcome offers. There are many parallels to be found between the iGaming and betting industries in this regard.

What are the Offers at 888Ladies?

In order to get a better idea of just how similar betting and iGaming sites are, it would help to use a thriving brand as a case study. iGaming has risen to the fore in the bingo industry in recent years, as operators have realised that this is a great way to draw traditional online casino players in. The modern bingo site has traditional games, but also tends to provide players with a diverse range of slots. This has helped to widen the bingo-playing demographics massively.

Another reason why bingo is doing so well as an internet game is because there are many more offers for players to take advantage of in this setting. This is because the competition is so intense in the sector, so bingo sites have to provide rewards or risk losing customers to brands that can. 888Ladies is one site which appears to have a lot in common with the betting industry when it comes to offers and bingo promotions.

888Ladies appears to pride itself on the variety of “freebies and loyalty schemes” available at the site. Indeed, it could be argued that this range of promotions is far superior to what it offers to new players. In this regard, it is clear that the site that offers a range of iGaming titles along with bingo games is taking inspiration from the betting industry.

One of the standout options at 888Ladies is the Daily Cashback promotion. This means that players are able to minimise some of their losses if they claim the reward. If they lose more than £50 in a single day, they can claim a 3 percent cashback bonus of the total losses as real money. Another good daily bonus is the Rewarding Wins offer, which aims to increase the size of players’ wins. With this offer, whenever a player reaches their target of wins, they will receive free spins to use on one of the slot games.

This last bonus is particularly similar to accumulators and combined betting offers at sports betting sites which give odds on the Premier League and other markets. Both concepts give players and bettors the opportunity to increase their odds of winning a larger amount without having to raise their stakes any more than they would have done in the first place. One of the most common features at a sports site like this could be when a site offers a first player to score and correct scoreline combination bet. For example, Sergio Aguero to score first and Manchester City to win. Bettors can get more bang for their buck with deals like these.

Caption: Sergio Aguero's best goals

How do Offers Help Brands Stand Out?

If a company can use offers in a distinctive way that is unique to their particular brand, it helps them to stand out from the crowd even more. So in these cases the promotions serve two purposes. They are there to give players free things and improve retention rates, but they also have a psychological effect in helping people remember the brand.

A prime example of this is the slogan seen at 888ladies, which says, “Every day is ladies day.” This is the quote used on the page which lists all the daily offers and promotions. The pink font which is the same as in the site’s name and the use of the word, “ladies,” helps reinforce the brand’s image.

While a lot of the welcome offers look the same at various sites, brands have the opportunity to be original when it comes to the repeat bonuses. They can give their offers unique names which can only be found at that site. Examples of this at 888Ladies are the Joy Gem VIP club and the Lady Luck promotion.

The offers and promotions found at both iGaming and betting sites are so alike for a few reasons. The main point to note is that both industries are so competitive, so brands need to do all they can to retain customers. Another reason is to develop brand identity and stand out from the crowd. With this in mind, bettors may enjoy making the switch to iGaming from time to time.