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How do Electronic Table Games Work in Casinos?

Electronic table games are all the rage in the gambling industry. Casinos have now started installing ETGs for their classic games such as blackjack, baccarat, craps, and roulette to get the attention of the younger generation as well as to cut down their costs. It allows casinos to reinvest into their venue upgrades and other upkeep. 

For players, ETG gives an opportunity to start low with their betting, learn and increase their bets over time. For a beginner, it’s easier to start playing on an electric table. You can use machine-based games or go to crypto casino websites as an alternative and practice to build up your confidence.

Electronic table games are the future of the casino gambling industry. In recent times, casinos will move more live table games off the floor and rely on ETG.


What is an Electric Table Game?

Electric table game, commonly known as ETG, is the electronic version of a traditional table game. ETG uses a random number generator, unlike live table games, which make use of casino equipment to determine the outcome of the game. 

ETG is similar to any online casino table game. The only difference is that you play on ETG in a land-based casino, whereas, you play online casino games on your smartphones or tablets. 


Features of an Electric Table Game

ETG allows operators to link large numbers of terminals to create bespoke live gaming environments while giving players their stations with the option to select an electronic table according to their choice. It lets you take your time and relax.

Let’s take a look at the features and benefits of an electric table game for players and casinos in detail. 


1- Low Operating Costs for Casinos

ETG optimizes the costs of the operators by cutting down the costs involved in hiring dealers. Electronic table games increase the number of games played per hour and thus, increases revenue for the casinos.

ETG is also more space-efficient than traditional table games. It is customizable and flexible, which allows it to fit into the casino’s interior. Therefore, it provides casinos more floor space and allows the integration of more games.

You can now play electronic versions of baccarat, blackjack, craps, and roulette machines and have the same fun gambling experience as in traditional table games.


2- Easy and Faster than the Traditional Table Game

Playing on an electronic table is much easier and faster than playing a traditional table game. It is twice as fast as traditional casino games.

You need to insert money into the machine and select the value of the chip that you wish to play. Then, place your bets by touching the screen.

The machine will do the rest for you.

When the game gets over, press the cash button to receive a ticket that has the value of your credits on it.


3- Enhanced Privacy

Playing on an electronic table is more comfortable, private, and enjoyable.

If you are intimidated by table games, or if you do not want to deal with other players, then ETG enables you to play casino games such as blackjack, roulette, or baccarat without having to worry about what the other gamblers at the table think of you.


4- Easy to Navigate Between Different Game Choices

ETG offers the ease to navigate between games and the ability to play multiple games concurrently, which is not possible in a traditional table game.

Players now can toggle between several games simultaneously, like blackjack, craps, roulette, and baccarat when playing electronic table games.


5- Control the Game Speed

In a traditional table game, the dealer dictates the pace of the game. However, the electronic table game allows you to dictate the game speed.

ETG provides a user-friendly interface and simple betting options. It allows players to play at their own pace. Players will decide when to place bets and deal hands, not the dealer. 


6- Low Minimum Bets

Traditional table games require dealers and pit supervisors to oversee everything that increases the costs for casinos. ETG reduces these costs. It allows casinos to offer electronic versions of table games with lower minimum bets than on live tables.

With the introduction of ETG in casinos, you can find a table where you can spend $1 for blackjack or $5 for baccarat. Electronic table games are ideal for those who want to offer lower minimum bets. It allows participants of all skill levels to play confidently.


Final Thoughts

ETG is growing in popularity in both domestic and international markets. They have become more popular due to technical developments that allow for more improved operational flexibility, security, greatly increased player choice and ease of play while delivering a truly live game experience.

For casual players and beginners, the intimidation of a full table is eliminated. With a user-friendly interface, players can play at their own pace. Also, the efficient electronic table reduces the operating cost and helps generate more revenues for casinos.