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How online gaming has changed casinos forever

There is no doubt about it; online gaming has changed casinos forever, in very many ways. Some are going to be seen as positive, and others will be seen as negative, and who sees these changes in what way will depend on the final outcome people are looking for in their gaming experiences.

Of course, changes have happened before. Think back to the 1960s when there was a surge in slot machines and many more people had access to them (as well as the money to spend on them), and then the 1980s where there were even more changes and the look of the machines changed from traditional and well known to different and exciting. 

However, no matter what has come before, nothing has ever come close to the incredible impact that online gaming has had on casinos such as

Better Access

Of course, one of the biggest changes that online gaming has brought about is that everyone now has better access to casino games, whether that happens to be slots, poker, blackjack, craps, or anything else that is available. With just an internet connection and some kind of hardware (laptop, desktop, phone, tablet), you can now enter a casino anywhere and anytime, giving you so many different options when it comes to playing games that it is almost overwhelming. 

This is great for the player. They have much more choice than ever before, and much more chance of being able to play – no longer do they have to leave the comfort of their own homes and they don’t have to travel. Neither do they have to work within the opening hours of the casino – online means everything is available 24/7. 

But is this good for the casinos? It’s great, of course, for online casinos, but are physical casinos suffering because more people are playing online? The answer is generally no. This is because the people who are playing online are not those (for the most part) who were going to physical casinos in the first place. They were the ones who were unable to play altogether due to access issues. So the people who love a real casino still go, but more people are able to play online – it’s a win win.

Upped Their Game

Having said all of that above, that didn’t mean that physical casinos didn’t need to do something to ensure their loyal players didn’t migrate away and go online instead. So as much as online slots and poker and so on upgraded and improved to impress the players, so too did the physical games. More exciting graphics were brought in, and better comfort levels for players so they could stay for as long as they wanted. 

Again, this is a positive for both the online casinos and the physical ones. Although technically in competition, by trying to outdo one another they improve themselves exponentially, and the players see the ultimate benefit of this. 

Few and Far Between

One of the problems people have with physical casinos is that they are relatively few and far between. You might have to travel quite considerable distances to go to one, and even then you might not be guaranteed to have a good evening – so all that driving, or the public transport you might have to take, or even the hotels you might have to stay in depending on where you’re travelling to or from could be a big waste of money.

This is not so with online casinos. Yes, you can still lose, and there is certainly no guarantee of a win whether offline or online, but you won’t be spending out any additional cash to get there or play, other than whatever it is you want to place as your stake. 

The plethora of online casinos means that anyone can play even if they live in the far reaches of the country, and travelling to casinos is not something that is required anymore. 

What will this mean for physical casinos? It’s hard to say. It might mean that casino owners, in an effort to gain more footfall, attempt to build more casinos in busier places so that the option is there for people to use if they want to. But alternatively, it might mean nothing – as mentioned above, those who enjoy the atmosphere of a real casino will also not mind the travelling, so it may have no impact at all. 

An Increase In Customers?

It might even be said that online gaming has actually increased the number of customers that a physical casino might have. Intrigued by gaming, enthused by the way that games can be played and money can be won, and wanting to try the ‘real thing’ for once, it might be that more people go to physical casinos. 

This is yet to be seen, but even if they just go the once to try it out, to tick it off their ‘bucket list’ and so on, the increase in revenue could be substantial. 

If there is anything that physical casinos are always going to need it’s more money. It costs a lot more to have a real building, employ staff, pay rent and rates (and taxes) and everything else that goes with running a business than it does to have an online casino. Of course, there are still bills to pay, but nowhere near as much as might have to be spent to open and run a physical casino. Therefore, the more people who come through the door and spend money, no matter how much or how little or how long they stay, is always going to be useful. 


Although they might seem very similar, the fact is that online and offline casinos are rather different beasts. They attract (in the main) different types of people, and they appeal differently too. Yet there is a crossover, and this crossover is where the intrigue lies. It is here that online gaming has pushed physical casinos into changing forever, in a positive way more often than not.