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How To Be A Responsible Gambler?


Responsible gambling means that punters should have control over their gambling tendencies and habits to avoid a negative impact on their personal lives. From utilizing their leisure hours in gambling to experiencing the thrill and excitement of winning, people gamble for a variety of reasons. Getting addicted to gambling can disrupt one’s life and can lead to negativity and other vicious shackles surrounding it. The thrill for gambling could quickly escalate from a fun, light-hearted diversion to an unhealthy, obsessive tendency bearing serious consequences. Whether a punter bets on sports, scratch cards, roulette, slots, or poker via online or offline casinos, gambling problems can strain personal relationships, interfere with work and life, and eventually end up draining all finances. While most games list out an RTP (Return To Player), the odds are often hard to understand. Solely deciding on your gambling journey based on RTP could be hasty at times.

Gambling addiction is called pathological gambling, compulsive gambling, or gambling disorder since it has an impulsive tendency, and thus being a responsible gambler is essential to lead a positive, carefree life. Most reputed casino sites implement strict guiding principles to ensure that players below 18 years aren’t allowed to play. And all gamblers exercise certain discretion while betting away their money.

Understanding Gambling And Its Pros And Cons

The first and foremost thing that helps in responsible gambling is identifying and admitting that one is a problem gambler. People face negative physical, psychological and social repercussions which can lead to severe migraine, anxiety disorders, and depression. Due to these consequences, gambling addiction has become a public health concern in several countries. Most gamblers may seem to be primarily driven towards gambling for profit-making motives and they cannot bear losses. This motivates them to continue gambling unless and until they win. This can be of major concern. However, coming out of gambling addiction requires certain realizations and actions.


  1. Gambling is a game of chance. So players do have a fair chance to win. However, most wins are subjected to various wagering and withdrawal conditions.
  2. Gambling could be a great pass-time. The thrill associated with the diversity of games available for top providers such as Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, etc is amazing.
  3. Simple slot games, especially the ones with Fruity classic themes are suitable for newbies. Unlike other sports, they are straightforward and easy.


  1. Unchecked investment of money, again and again, could lead to debts.
  2. People using credit cards could run into mounting outstanding balances.
  3. Compulsive gambling could lead to addiction and social issues.

Knowing Your Boundaries While Gambling

Most addictions should have boundaries and gambling is no exception though it is sometimes considered to be a different kind of obsession. More and more millennials use online casinos without enough knowledge of RTP, wagering needs, withdrawal clause, and other policies that could severely impact your wins and losses. To avoid problem gambling, a few things must be kept in mind:

  • Gambling is an entertainment expense, winning and losing is both a part of it, never lie to conceal gambling habits.
  • Have a budget for gambling, never overspend. Many of the Slot games have the highest bet amount set and a number of auto-spins pre-set so that players tend to remain within the limits.
  • Set a desired money and time limit for gambling.
  • Chasing losses will lead to more losses since the ends won’t meet.
  • Never gamble continuously, take a break.
  • Balance gambling among other entertainment activities.

Choosing Gambling Sites Responsibly

Responsible gambling is all about being rational and disciplined to make it a healthy and fun-filled pastime. Both winning and losing money is a part of the entire experience and one has to be aware of the risks involved in gambling. Most UK featured online casinos operate under the Gamstop policy in order to help the problem gamblers. However, not all people need it and thus online gambling sites operating with international offshore licenses come into play.

List of popular online betting casino sites not on Gamstop that are reliable and safe :

  • The Red Lion Sportsbook
  • COBRA Spins Sportsbook
  • Cyber Casino 3077
  • Fortune Clock Sportsbook

These are a few top ideal options for UK punters who wish to gamble without being featured under Gamstop database. For more information, you can use when you need to find a list of reliable independent casinos.

Summing Up

Compulsive gambling could lead to financial debts and could be a potential cause of anxiety, stress, and panic. While this could adversely impact your health, the socio-economic balances can go for a toss. Responsible gambling lays out a boundary condition to ensure that players abide by a set of checks and bounds. Gamstop is one such policy that helps problem gamblers implement self-exclusion from gambling sites, thereby avoiding unnatural debts.