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How to Beat the Odds When Playing Online Games

Whether you are playing dice games, card games, or any other game of chance, there are always odds at play. Before we get to the question of how to beat those odds, let us first get acquainted with exactly what the term represents.

What are Odds?

Odds are mathematical representations of probability. It is a percentage/ratio used to represent the chances of something happening or not happening within the gaming session. The following examples should provide more context:

  • The odds of winning vs losing in a specific match for a particular football team
  • The odds of a dice landing in favour of the player’s position on the board
  • The odds of a player winning or losing in a PvP match

Next, we will focus on how to beat the odds, or at least increase your chances of doing so in online games.

Only Play via Reputed Online Gaming Websites

It does not matter if you are the luckiest person to ever touch a game of chance, or if you have a fantastic understanding of the probability theory, you will never be able to win if the website you are playing at is rigged to never let you win, or if the other players are cheating. Therefore, only play online games on gaming sites that have a good reputation within the community. This will ensure that you have fair odds of winning to begin with. For example, if you are into video poker or online poker, you may soon find out that there is no shortage of cheating players and fraudulent websites out there. You’ll want to make sure you’ve chosen one of the best casino sites in the UK that is legitimate, registered and regulated.

Get to Know the Game Mechanics

This is particularly important if you are interested in complicated games of chance or skill against other players. All good gaming sites allow offline practice sessions and helpful tutorials to help their players get familiarised with the game mechanics, controls, etc. Once you are well acquainted with how the game works, only then should you start going against other human players in PvP matches. If the same also involves skill and not just strategy and luck, you will need even more time to perfect your playstyle and strategy.


In order to win in any online game against other players, you will need at least one basic strategy. Let us take PvP fighting games as an example, as they are one of the most played online games, right after competitive shooters and MMORPGS. Championship winners suggest:

  • Find a fighter out of the game’s roster that you find yourself to be the most comfortable in controlling
  • Learn the basic and advanced moves in tutorial mode
  • Practice with the same fighter in single player mode vs the computer, until you have mastered all the controls

Instead of spending time with several fighters at once, you will be concentrating on mastering just one fighter. As a result, your odds of winning PvP matches with that fighter will only increase with each practice session.

Follow the same rule while playing any other competitive game as well. Find what works for you, focus on it, and then build a strategy around it to raise your odds of winning. Once you have mastered one strategy, learn another, using the same principle. Continue until you have at least three different strategies for the game and your odds of winning will increase substantially.