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How to Become a Professional Jockey

Horse riding is a very popular sport that gathers a lot of people. They visit equestrian arenas or racetracks to watch the competition and make bets. People enjoy the atmosphere and cheer for the chosen riders actively. They are frequently engaged by small bets they make. Unfortunately, horses don't race by themselves. They need to have riders who control and lead them. Professional riders are called jockeys. They are skilled experts who are always on the back of every racing horse. Professional riders earn a lot of money, especially if they achieve success in competitions. Therefore, a lot of people want to get into this sport. If you're one of them, scroll down below and discover how to become a skilled jockey. 

Make Sure You Meet Requirements

Unlike many other sports, it's quite hard to get into horse riding. You need to be motivated and committed to having the ability to become a jockey. However, some requirements should be met. First of all, you should be physically developed. You will be required to keep yourself in a saddle during intense races. You will also be required to manage a heavy and strong animal that rushes at high speed. Therefore, you should have great stamina to be able to handle intense tension. You may be required to showcase your physical strength by lifting weights and doing some exercises. 

At the same time, you need to have a particular weight. A heavy rider will force a horse to carry an additional load and experience extreme tension on the back. Therefore, the weight of a professional jockey has to be from 50 kg (110 pounds) to 52 kg (115 pounds). For instance, the average mass of an adult varies from 60 kg (130 pounds) to 80 kg (180 pounds), depending on the region. Therefore, riders should have a good diet to maintain their weight.

Start Learning and Training

If you match all the requirements, you should start by learning to become a professional jockey. Having no horseback riding experience, you need to find a suitable program for amateurs. As usual, such programs offer training sessions on weekends. However, if you want to gain your skills fast, you can get additional lessons. 

Since most people start their path in this sport from 16 to 22 years old, they combine work and studying. Consequently, they often have to reach this site - to delegate their assignments and spend their free time pursuing their dream. Also, you will be required to obtain a lot of new knowledge. You will need to learn horse anatomy, how to take care of them, and ride professionally. It's vital to know all the rules of the horse racing sport and attend every race. 

Find your First Job to Get Experience

Most people expect to start racing right after getting the required skills and passing all the tests. However, all professional jockeys have a vast working background behind the scenes. Moreover, it's required to work at least 16 hours a week in a licensed racing stable to apply for becoming a jockey. Being a student, don't forget to bookmark this link - It leads to a top-tier writing service that will help you submit college papers on time even when you lack time. In addition, the service will help tackle homework, so you will be able to work while studying.

First, you have to find an entry job that will need to take care of horses. Then, by working hard, you will establish a reputation that will help you gain practical experience and enlarge your network. Finally, having many friends who value your skills and professional attitude, you will increase your chances of getting a job offer fast. Therefore, don't be shy about starting working at a race track or horse farm at the beginning of your career.

Become a Jockey

Finally, you need to apply for a jockey license. Note, the requirements may be different in various regions. Nevertheless, you will be able to showcase your riding skills to earn a license in any case. You will be required to pass a test to show that you know all the racetrack rules and how to take care of a horse. An examiner will also double-check if you meet all the requirements to become a jockey. After getting the license, you can start gaining a racing career. To save a ton of time and don't use a paper writing service via this link - constantly to free your time by delegating homework, you have to hire a manager. He will help you boost your career fast. 

Nevertheless, you have to know that this sport needs to invest a lot of money. If you don't have a sponsor with a deep pocket, you will be required to pay a lot of money for the maintenance and transportation of your horse. In addition, you will be obliged to pay fees to race. Note, the sport is also very dangerous and can cause a lot of traumas. Therefore, you're obliged to have health insurance that will cover the expenses of treating any possible injuries.