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How to choose the best casino bonus

The majority of online casino players choose casino sites based on their welcome/new player bonus. It is true that a player’s choice is based on the recommendations and availability of his favorite games but the bonus is what drags him to online casinos he has never selected before.

However, not all bonuses are equal and excited players do not read the fine print. Plenty of promotions and offers do not deliver, leaving players a bit upset. But there is a 200% casino bonus that can make everyone happy.

If you are interested in claiming casino bonuses, here are few things to consider before picking one. Keep moving forward and take a look at the most important factors:

The amount

This point is relevant even to amateur players. The amount of casino bonus is important! It is better to claim a casino bonus of $200 instead of $100. However, one must pay attention to the terms and conditions of the bonus.

The validity period of the bonus

Let’s say you get a $1000 bonus. Amazing and pretty much unbelievable, right? Now, the online casino has given you only 24 hours to turn it over 20 times? In a span of 24 hours, it’s hardly possible.

Therefore, you should look for a considerable bonus in which you’d be able to play through the online casino bonus.

The playthrough

Yes, it is true that online casinos give you free bonuses worth hundreds of dollars but only to withdraw the winnings you have collected from that bonus. You would need to use the bonus a few times to fulfill the playthrough terms.

However, you should be aware of different terms/wordings that online casinos use. For instance, we came across an online casino that said, ‘you must wager at least 50 times your bonus amount plus your allocated funds’.

If you did not pay attention to this term, you would conclude that the requirement of the playthrough is 20 times when in reality it is 40 times.

The percentage

Most of the online casinos invite you to join and in return, give you a bonus, also known as a welcome bonus. Some online casinos give you a 100% match but that’s not the case with every casino. It is better to look for a 200% match.

Let’s say you get $200 for your $200, which is good. But how about you get $200 for your $100? The percentage matters in the welcome bonus.


Before you accept the invite to an online casino, make sure to go through the games available. Ensure that the games you are playing are included under the category of bonus games. In addition to that, go for the games that have incredible wagering contribution.

For instance, if you like to play slots, you do not have to worry about it as they have a 100% contribution and are usually abundant.

However, this is not the case with games like baccarat, blackjack, and roulette.

Closing thoughts

When it comes to casino bonuses, you need to remember one thing in mind, “it is better to get $100 that you can cash out rather than getting $1000 and never seeing any of it”.