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How to find bookies with high odds in the UK

It is every gambler's dream to find the best betting site with the highest odds. First of all, the United Kingdom has a vast sporting market and finding the best odds for some of the most sought-after tournaments in the world could be quite beneficial. Finding the best bookies site with the highest odds could be a tiresome job, as you skim your way through many sports sites, comparing odds, margins, and everything in between. Today we will show you how to filter the top non Gamstop UK sites out there and make sure you make the best out of your betting experience.

Brushing up on your odds and sports betting strategy

One very important element to your betting gameplay has to be a strategy. Without a strategy, you will face losses and no sports punter wants losses. You can kick off your gambling educational campaign on your betting strategy. A good place to start would be heading over to strategy gambling sites that brief you on how to play and bet, and for each sport that you want to partake in. Let us give you some examples of football betting strategies for particular sports.

Football Odds Strategy

Match Bet (Full Time Result) - An overall match bet result in football is one of the most prominent bets, and the simplest to master. Here you will place a bet on which team or athlete would be winning the overall game. If you bet on the underdog, and the underdog wins, you walk away with a sizable amount of money.

Accumulator Bets - When you predict the outcome of 1 match via match bet, the result could be quite pleasing. Now the thing about combining a set number of games, and predicting and winning the scores for more than 1 match. This is called accumulator bet in football betting, and if you manage to predict the outcome of more than 1 football match, you could land some cool wins in the process.

Total Goals (Under / Over) If you keep a track record of injuries, transfer markets, and also the overall direction that a league is going, you could easily predict the overall goals scored in a match. You could place a bet of total goals being scored in the match, and if it exceeds a specific amount of goals, irrespective of which team scores the goals.

There are many more football betting strategies out there that could help you walk away from a winner, yet it is important to look at the various betting options, as only this could see you walk away from a winner.

Hearing the players’ feedback

In marketing, we always say that the well-served customer will go away and tell more players about the good experience that they received. This also applies to casino sites and betting sites. There is no better way to get feedback on the best odds sites in Great Britain, than hearing it from the horses' mouths: the gambler. Reading comments and reviews on the gambling site is imperative to learn about the odds, the offers, and the overall customer experience that the player before you has received. Read these comments, digest them and then make an informed decision as to where to wager your money and play. Questions you need to be answered include:

  1. How varied were the odds at a bookmaker?
  2. How are the odds better than in the previous bookie?
  3. How fast does the site payout your winnings?
  4. Are wagering requirements hard to meet?
  5. Are there any bonuses or free bets for your next betting round?

Comparing the odds of betting sites

The internet is full of reviews and information that you would need if you are to deep dive into the world of bookmakers. However, the best tool that you have at your disposal is of course your internet search engine. Comparing the odds at different betting sites will provide you with different betting options, and will also see you put all your cards on the table to set your betting strategy in motion. Let’s say that you are looking for the next odds for the upcoming match between Manchester United vs. Leicester. You would head over to your go-to sportsbook site and click on football, then click on EPL (English Premier League) and  check the odds. Some punters that like to compare odds, like to keep a spreadsheet that will show which site gives the best odds, along with where you bet and the profit margin that you make. This will show you which website is offering the best odds, which ones have awarded you in the past, and which ones to seek in the future to place future bets.

Betting is like a marriage, when you find the best partner for you, expect to see the stars, magic, and a smile on your face. This is how finding your next go-to sports bookmaker feels. With some investment, some dedication, and some research, you will be investing in your gambling, and in making the best profits out of your betting wagers. Spend time doing your groundwork and research, and when you find your go to site, bet with ease, in the hopes of making the best out of your sports bets.