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How To Find Good Value Bets Online

Sports betting is the favorite pastime for millions of sports fans around the world. But, while so many people love to bet, most of them are not winning bettors in the long term. In fact, most people who bet sports will end up losing money in their lifetime and the main reason for that is the fact that they do not understand how sports betting works.

A good example of this is the fact that so many people will bet favorites in football matches or tournaments despite the odds being terrible. For instance, bookmakers will often offer odds such as 1.05 on a team like Barcelona to win at home against a minnow, but looking at the history we can see that Barcelona fail to win much more often than once in 20 times against such teams. This makes the bet not worth making, even if it is very likely to win. It is simply not likely enough.

How To Look For Value

Value bets are found by first assessing the strength of the competing teams. Once you have a good idea of how likely each side is to win and how likely a draw is, you will be able to decide if the odds offered for each of the bets are good value or not.

Sometimes you will do good to bet on the less likely outcome. For instance, you may think that a team is only likely to win a match once out of every three times it is played. Yet, you may find a bookmaker out there who is offering 4/1 on that team to win. In this particular case, placing your money on them is a very good idea which will bring you profit in the long run.

It may not always be easy to determine how likely a team is to win however. In fact, bookmakers usually do a much better job of this than us, leaving very little space for good value bets to be found. Still, bookies do make mistakes and occasionally leave things imbalanced on purpose because they know most people aren’t even paying attention.

This is why a solid statistical analysis and understanding of different sports, leagues and other factors may help you make bets that will make you tons of money in the long run. This is exactly the way professional punters do it and so should you.

Likely the most difficult factor with this for most bettors out there is the fact that they will occasionally have to bet against the teams they love in order to achieve maximum value. However, sports betting should be treated like business and there is no reason not to bet against your teams on occasion or simply skip this game and move on.

Where To Find Value Bets

The internet has changed the world of sports betting forever. With so many online bookmakers available, finding good value bets is now easier than ever. Sites like openodds allow punters to compare odds for various sporting events on site. The multiple bookmakers available allow bettors to create many accounts and bet every event at the best odds possible.

Another great way to find value bets is when one bookmaker is offering noticeably higher odds on one pick than all other bookies. In such a case, the extra value offered may well be worth putting some cash on, but make sure to double check and find out if even this is really enough value.

In the end it will all come down to really getting your estimations as right as possible and not making bets where you are unsure of the value. It is much better to place one great value bet than 10 bets made simply to make a bet.

Get Started Betting For Value!

From this day forward, stop trying to see the future. Instead, try to make a statistical analysis and realize how likely something is to happen. Once you determine the likelihood of an event happening go ahead and check what odds the bookmakers are offering. If the bookies seem to believe you wrong and you are pretty certain about your calculation, it is likely that they have made a mistake. This is the right time to make your bet and take them down.

We hope this short guide on value betting gives you the push you needed to start making profitable long term bets which will show profit for you in the future.