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How to find the best sports betting odds in 2022

Sports betting has exploded in the United States. In 2021, according to data reported on Fortune online, legalized sports betting doubled in the US. Americans bet more than $57.2 billion throughout the year. Two of the reasons behind this massive growth have been the legalization of sports betting in 11 states and the fact some of the nation’s largest sportsbooks have pumped more than $1 billion into marketing and advertising.

Sports betting is simply huge wherever it becomes legalized. Take New York. No sooner had it become legalized then the sportsbooks took in millions of dollars’ worth of bets immediately. The Super Bowl is one event that has the punters wagering like crazy, and experts believe this will continue to be the case. Below is a look into how to find the best sports betting odds and to do so in some of the games you might bet on.

Finding the best odds

There are different ways to find the best odds.

Many sportsbook retailers will list their odds online and you can go into the establishment and place your wager in person.

Another way is to simply go across the apps and compare the odds of the different sportsbook. Each sportsbook will have their own odds for different sports. All you have to do is compare them. Browsing online for betting odds can also help you to find out how they work and more.

Note that online sportsbooks will try to attract new players with special promotions and offers. These can be even more appealing than the odds themselves. A good online sportsbook will function well, be easy to navigate and straightforward to use.

Understanding the odds

Odds come in different formats: American, decimal and fraction. The important bit is to be able to figure out the payoff.

American odds feature a plus or a minus in front of the number to indicate the favorite or the underdog. For the favorites, the number is the amount you’ll need to bet to win $100, whereas for the underdog it’s how much you’ll win if you bet $100.

In the case of the decimal, you simply apply the following formula: (your wager x the odds) – your wager.

For fractional odds, you just multiply your wager by the fraction.

NFL odds

The NFL Super Bowl is the biggest event in the US sporting calendar and not only attracts lots of viewers, but also lots of wagers. Apps and websites, as do retail sportsbooks, offer the chance to place a wager on this event and other games in the NFL. In the case of online offerings, you can even take advantage of live betting, which allows you to lay down your wager in the course of a game. DraftKings and Fanduel are solid operators for finding NFL odds.

NBA and NCAAB odds

Basketball provides many opportunities for sports betting, especially as you have the NBA and the NCAAB. The games are fast-paced and exciting to watch, and sportsbooks set their odds based on the team match-up and several other factors that are constantly changing. These include the conditions of the game, injuries, the players who are healthy and will be able to play, and more. The website Oddschecker is an excellent site for checking basketball odds.

Major League Baseball odds

The nature of betting on MLB is different to betting on the NFL or on the basketball leagues. Whereas the latter involve point spreads, often betting on MLB events involves betting straight on who you think will win. The fact that betting lines are based on $100 doesn’t mean you actually have to bet that amount, however. It’s just a guide to what you could win or how much you have to bet, depending on which you think the game will go. Again, the website of Oddschecker is a superb resource for checking betting odds.

How finding the best odds helps your betting

The betting lines and other forms of setting the odds that sportsbooks indicate who they — and let’s not forget that these people are experts — think is most likely to win. Finding the best odds can help you to get more out of your wager.

It’s worth knowing, too, that sportsbooks don’t just provide betting services and nothing else. A lot of them create content that can enable you to make a more successful bet, whether it’s a how-to guide, an update on events surrounding a certain match-up or other piece of content.

One of the most important things to understand when deciphering the odds is the concept of value. At first glance of the odds, betting on the favorite may seem like a sure-fire way to win, but the returns are much lower than betting on the underdog. When placing a bet, it’s essential to understand how likely the outcome of an event is and then compare it to the odds. Suddenly, you can see a bet that doesn’t seem worth making actually is.

Being patient and taking the time to look around for the best sports betting odds gives you the chance to get more out of your wagering. A good site or app will be easy to use so that you have the best betting experience. You must always remember to not just consider what an outcome of an event will be, but also how likely. This will also help you to determine whether the odds are worth it.