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How to get the best odds on games


Online bookmakers have made it easy to place wagers on almost any sporting event in the world. With mobile apps and the ability to stream games betting on sports has moved away from the old fashioned model and jumped right into the future. This means that it’s a lot easier to place more complex wagers now and as such the power is in the hands of the player for the first time ever.

So, how can you improve the odds when there is a particular bet that you’re certain is going to come in. While there are actually hundreds of ways to do this, there are three specific ways that new gamblers can use that are really simple.

Find the right bookmaker

Finding the right bookmaker is a huge part of lowering the odds. Because each different bookmaker will have different odds, all you need to do is shop around. There are a huge number of reputable sportsbooksone can use reputable review sites to find the right one to offer the best odds.

While this does take some patience and time to do, unless you’re in a rush to find an in-play bet then it is well worth your while spending some time finding the right bookmaker for your wager.

Using handicaps

If there is a favourite that you’re sure is going to win, then more often than not the odds are not very impressive. In this case you have the choice of using it as part of an acca to bump up the winnings slightly, or a more popular choice now, applying a handicap to the game. Applying a handicap will instantly make it more difficult for your wager to win, but it will increase the odds. So if you were betting on a football match then you might have the favourite with a -1.5 handicap. This would mean that in order to win the bet the favourite would need to win by two clear goals.

This means that you can place wagers on the favourites still, but the odds will be much more enticing. There are various different handicap options for different sports and for different markets within the sports.

Making the most of in play bets

In-play betting is the most exciting development that online sportsbooks have brought in. While in some brick and mortar bookmakers an in play wager was a possibility in the past, it wasn’t a widespread option. It also wasn’t taken up by many players due to the amount of hassle required. However, mobile apps have made in play wagers a simple task.

In play wagers can help to increase odds for a number of reasons. If the favourite is struggling or there is not much time left, then in both of these cases the odds for the favourite winning will increase. If you’re still confident that the favourite will win then this is the time to strike. This can work for everything from horse racing to boxing and will allow you to make the most of the wagers that you place.

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