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How to have a successful date?

If you are having bad dating experience in past, just try to focus on things you can learn from your bad experience. Women more specifically cougars are more attracted to the curious, intelligent and cultured men. You should not make things boring and complicated by trying too hard. Just try to win her trust and show her that you are interested in her and you like her and everything she is saying.

Sharpen your communication skills:

The crucial and most decisive step of first date is starting a perfect conversation. You should start talking about yourself and put her at ease. Things get quite easy when you talk casually and start conversation with simple topics like where do you work or what do you have for a living. The most crucial step for a date is to sharpen your communication skills and let your partner know that it is a date. You should start talking about yourself and put her at ease.

Advice for a perfect lesbian date:

The art of lesbian date is quite different. First thing you need to know that you should not be afraid of making first move. If you are lucky to find a right partner for yourself do not forget to tell her about your feelings. Next step is that you should dress to impress be well-groomed and in a good style when meeting with someone, it is important because it will give you confidence while talking. Be respectful and attentive. Do not forget to give compliments. Plan in a memorable way to make her feel special and always show on time. Do not take things too seriously and act normally and prepare for all scenarios.

Dating with a cougar:

 A cougar is an older woman that is attracted to younger man. Cougar relationships are more common these days and cougar marriages are rare. When dating with a cougar remember that they are looking for someone that can give them proper attention, time and the one that can make them desirable again. Spend less time on small talks and get straight to good stuff. Do not talk about money and her age but do talk about her children if she has any. Give her some space and always be confident. Last but not the least you should know what exactly you want from her.

How to behave on a first date with a BBW:

BBW lesbian are women that have weight above then average. Large women are self- confident, fun loving and a good partner. If you are talking to a big beautiful woman or BBW you should talk about how proud you are for her beautiful body and let her know that how gorgeous she is. If you are dating with a big woman you should never talk about how much she eats. Prove to your lady that you are sincere, trust worthy and you love her the way she is. Always respect her and the way of her life and never mention her weight. Always be there for her and make her feel special in every way.