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How to keep yourself in perfect shape during the coronavirus?

Unfortunately, despite the fact that lockdown and self-isolation certainly have undeniable benefits in protecting us from a terrible virus, at the same time, these circumstances are sometimes harmful to our health. How? Due to low mobility, stress, overeating caused by anxiety that self-isolation brought us the majority of us are slowly but surely gaining extra pounds. And of course there is nothing wrong with this, unless it goes too far and does not cause you physical or mental discomfort. If the situation takes such a turn, then it's time to act.

Eat “serotonin” food

According to psychologists, there is a direct link between stress and weight gain. In a state of stress, the body spends a lot of energy, and then tries to restore it in the shortest possible time. That is why there is a desire to eat something high-calorie. At the same time, the body goes into a mode of fat accumulation, which is why we are gaining weight. 

To keep the situation under control, you need to find a way of controlling how much you eat when you’re nervous that is comfortable for yourself. Calorie counting suits some, but some find it easier to choose a small plate and cut portions.

And in order to calm down a little and bring yourself to a state of rest, try to eat more foods that contain tryptophan, an amino acid that is involved in the synthesis of melatonin and serotonin - hormones of joy. These products include kefir, cheese, rice, and turkey.

Move more

We are accustomed to the fact that during the day we constantly move: go to work, run errands or just walk. But during the lockdown period we have to spend most of our time at home. There are hardly any bars filled with women seeking men UK, or crowds of men hitting fitness centers or studios. Even our shopping has moved online and all we do to order foods or clothes is just a few clicks and a bit of scrolling. 

However, this does not mean that you need to sit still and do nothing. Exercise to start your morning up. Traditional exercises like turning your head, swinging your arms and legs, and squatting will help you to cheer up and not go sleepy all day. Stretching will help a lot as well.

For those who are accustomed to going to the gym regularly, these exercises may not be enough. But there is a good alternative for them too. There are a lot of video training programs on the Internet that you can choose from and do according to your schedule.

However, exhausting exercise is not always necessary to keep yourself in good shape. A simple walk in the park or down the street counts as well. Surely starting from divorced indian dating UK to gay chinese encounters - everything has moved online now. Long correspondence on dating sites, virtual endless communication in messengers. All of this greatly affects our mobility during the day. Therefore, it will be a good idea to try to transfer online communication to offline and have dates and meetings in the open air as often as possible.

Plan your day

As mentioned above, overeating is definitely one of the main problems of self-isolation. When you work, your day is structured with fixed meal times. But sitting at home you have more opportunities to eat too often and too much. To avoid this, you should think about your plans for the day and follow it clearly. If you stick to your daily routine, the risk of overeating will be minimal.

Drink plenty of water

Water is the main vehicle that flushes toxins from the body. If you drink little water per day, then the metabolism in the body slows down and, as a result, the number on the scales becomes bigger. Therefore, it is worth paying close attention to thirst and quenching it in a timely manner. One more alternative to drinking clean water as soon as you feel thirsty is setting reminders on your phone every hour or so.