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How To Stay Ahead Of Football Bookmakers Next Season

The worldwide revenue generated by football betting is larger than most countries which is why it attracts huge levels of investment by bookmakers in order to help secure their slice of the pie. Most gamblers bet for fun but due to not taking it seriously end up losing money. If you want to stay ahead of the game next season you will need the best strategy. Below are my top tips to help you gain a long-term advantage over bookies.

#1. Matched Betting Football Promotions

If you have not used a matched betting promotion for football bets before you have been missing out on the biggest opportunity to stay ahead of bookmakers. These types of promos give players free money from the bookie on top of anything that they deposit to bet on sports. It means that punters can wager in most cases more than double the amount without taking further financial risks.

One of the best strategies to use to stay on top is to use matched betting promotions to lay bets that cover any losses and guarantee a profit. This is done by picking a match that you can find odds then enable a return when betting on both parties. Timing is everything with these types of wagers as you will need to find to optimize the odds in your favor for the main and side bet so that a small profit can be guaranteed no matter the outcome. It may mean making a small loss on one of the wagers but that will be covered by the promo so that you are guaranteed to win.

#2. Football Betting Accumulators

One of the most popular ways to try to win huge amounts of money on football betting is to use betting accumulators. This work by punters choosing multiple matches to bet on and each win multiples the odds which creates a huge end pot. The problem with this betting type is that all of the best made have to be correct to win which makes the chances of winning extremely difficult.

A great way to profit from this strategy is to find promotions that offer a refund should one of your bets not win. You then need to place a laying bet on each of the accumulator bets you wish to place. Then if one of your selections does not win, you will get your money fully refunded along with winning from the lay bet made which means that you come out with profits.

If you do use one of these bookmaker promotions make sure you understand the conditions of the deal before placing any bets. Most bookies will require a minimum bet amount per wager and when working out which choice to make you will have to calculate in any commissions taken by the exchange so you can work out the most profitable bets to make.

#3. In Play Football Betting

One of the most popular ways to place bets over the last few years has been by betting on the action during the game. One of the problems faced by gamblers who place bets before the match is that they do not know the teams along with how well they are going to play. By betting in play it means that you can see firsthand which team is on top and most likely to come out victorious. There are many different options available along with boosted odds at certain points so picking the most optimal time is the best way to capitalize the most.

#4. Do Not Put All Your Eggs In One Basket

Most gamblers at some point have thought they are onto a sure thing and have placed everything they have on the outcome. This is not the way to be successful and is likely to lead to financial disaster as underdogs win all the time in football. Instead, the wise option is to place a counter bet so that your wager is covered should it not come in. You will win less but you will be better off in the long term.


Keep an eye on bookmakers that offer price boosts as they can make a huge difference to the amount that can be won by accessing better odds. These are available only for a set time period so you will need to monitor a number of bookies to find the best price boosts. If you are new to football gambling make sure you do not miss out on any betting refund promotions that are available for signing up as they are a sure fire way to beat the bookies.

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