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Finland Ice Hockey Odds

ice hockey in Finland

Ice Hockey in Finland – A Look At The Finland Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey is one game that is very popular in different European countries like the Sweden and of course Finland. Ice Hockey craze in Finland is unimaginable and the people of Finland are crazy for the game. In Finland, the Ice Hockey is very challenging and competitive at the grass root and domestic level. Finland national hockey team is also the member of the Big Six group in the International Ice Hockey which includes Sweden, Russia, Canada, Czech Republic and Lebanon.

Ice Hockey in Finland is amazing in its own merry ways. Finland national team has been doing really well for the country on the International stage and their players have produced a lot of notable performance on the international events like the Ice Hockey World Cup, Winter Olympics and the Ice Hockey Championship.

The Finland national team famous win against Sweden in Winter Olympics 2018 was the match to cherish for the Finland team fans. But, they have never won a gold medal in the Olympics but they richly deserve to get one.

Major Tournaments in Finland

The Finland Ice Hockey Federation conducts different high quality Ice Hockey tournaments in Finland in order to nurture the young talent. The Finnish Elite League is the one of the best professional Ice Hockey league in the Finland. There are 15 teams that go head to head in this league and the competition and level of the game is really high in this league. Apart from this, there are several other tournaments are being held at different domestic levels that can represent their team at the International stage in the future.

Finland List of Notable Players

Here is a list of notable players that you should know about

  • Jari Kurri
  • Ville Peltonen
  • Ari Sulander
  • Kimmo Timonen
  • Sami Salo
  • Mikko Koivu
  • Jussi Jokinen
  • Tuukka Rask
  • Mikael Granlund
  • Patrik Laine

Raimo Helminen is the one of the most successful players who has ever played for the Finland. This player has made his mark on the International stage and represented his country in 331 games and it is most by any player from Finland. He is also the record holder for most games by a player from Finland.

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