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Improved Odds Bonuses: Are They Worth It? | All You Need to Know

In your search for better odds, you might have encountered promotions that improve the usual payouts. These are often called improved odds, enhanced odds or simply odds boosts.

Though casino platforms such as GoWin casino don’t have these bonuses, many popular sportsbook brands online do. If they’re not regular offers, they might at least be available for new players exclusively.

If you haven’t tried them out, though, you might be wondering if they’re worth your money. That’s what we’ll find out today.

How Improved Odds Work

The principle of improved odds is very simple. The bookmaker will artificially increase the odds for certain bets that players can wager. This will essentially increase the payout of that bet should the outcome prove your bet correct.

It doesn’t mean that the result is more likely to happen just because of the increased odds. These offers are usually added to random outcomes on matches, markets or leagues that are popular at the time.

Here’s an example of boosted odds:

  • Let’s say there are 3/2 odds in Premier League that Spurs will defeat West Ham
  • On a £10 bet, this would allow you to win £15
  • The bookie boosts the 3/2 odds to 7/3 instead
  • If you bet £10 and win, you’d receive £23.33 instead of £15

Why Odds Boost is Great

The most important part of this deal is that the extra £8.33 come in as real cash. This means that the bonus winnings offered by enhanced odds have no wagering requirements.

You can withdraw them right away, just like a normal winning from a usual bet. This is different from most other bonuses, which don’t award cash but ‘bonus money’ instead.

With these other bonuses, you’d have to use what you won multiple times on other bets to turn them into real cash. For this reason, improved odds are better than other promotions at online bookies.

Why Enhanced Odds Are Bad

On the other hand, there’s a disadvantage to this kind of an offer too. These odds only affect a single outcome. If you don’t win, the bonus doesn’t have any effect.

After all, it boosts the payout rate but not your chances to win. So, if you lose, you essentially get nothing. This means that if you deposited £20 just so you could get better odds and lost, it would be a useless sacrifice.

Are They Worth It?

This essentially depends on the offer’s terms and conditions. First of all, see if they’re only available to new players or can you use them every day?

In the first case scenario, you should ignore them because they’re only available once. If a casino has such deals regularly, though, it’s usually a great idea to take the free advantage.

What’s more, you should pay attention to other requirements such as minimum bet limits. If they don’t force you to bet more than you normally would, then, by all means, use it.

You may not benefit from improved odds every time, but you also have nothing to lose. So, websites with regular boosts are always better than those without them.

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