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Ireland's Next General Election

We are actually less than a year out from the last Irish General Election, which saw the rough status quo of the nation's politics for nearly a century hold steady as was predicted by most pundits and pollsters.

In regards to the composition of the Irish Dáil, their equivalent of Parliament, we saw the Fine Gail and Feanna Fail parties emerge nearly tied with each other in the 2016 Elections, with the Sinn Fein Nationalist party emerge a rather weak third place.

At the moment, we are likely years away from any new shift in the structure, as the Dail is only required to hold an election after five years per the Constitution, making the latest date possible all the way in April of 2021.

While there could in theory be earlier elections if the Dail is dismissed, the current "sleepy trend" of Irish politics makes this quite unlikely, although one can make the guess that fallout from Britain's Brexit decision could push trends in a more tumultuous direction near the end of the decade.

At the moment, however, anyone thinking of placing a wager on the next General Election would do well to study the history of previous polling during the last few generations, which shows that the FG and FF parties usually emerge with stable results due to their similar ideologies, goals, and sturdy constituencies.

So at the moment, picking FG or FF as the party to emerge with the highest number of seats in the Dail would be an ideal choice – more clear information on the frontrunner would have to wait until we are closer to the actual Election itself.

Sinn Fein still remains as a distant third, although if we witness a spiraling of Brexit repercussions in Northern Ireland, we could see them pick up some steam among the electorate.

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